Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lord, this is me

Lord, this is me, here I am again
I have not come to cry or ask you "just when"?
Too many times I have fallen down upon my knees
Lashing out in earnest fears, sending you my pleas
Why Lord? When? Where are you now?
Send me my desires. Before you I bow
I trust in You oh Lord, may my dreams come true?
Your my all in all oh Lord; is my waiting through?
Too many times I have begged, crying tearless cries
Turning to You for my wants, begging You my "why's?"
Patiently you listened, waiting for my heart
To turn from my selfish ways, from them I must part
Lord, this is me, here I am again
I'm on my knees, as before, but to you this I send
You are my all in all, nothing more I need
Guide me through this journey; by my hand take lead
You know better, oh my Lord; You know best
Upon you I may slumber; upon you I rest
Your way is the right way, Your way is what I need
Let my heart be filled with peace, oh Lord this I plead
- Felicity