Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oh Tomorrow

We all have those "what about tomorrow" questions. I have. Especially lately. Though I know my life is in God's hands and His plan is perfect, sometimes we all just need to ask questions. Questions that can't be answered, but need to be asked just the same. 
Oh Tomorrow
Oh tomorrow, when will we ever meet?
When shall the sky clear and with you I will greet?
I wonder who you are and what you have in store
What hides behind your curtains; what awaits upon the shore
Will there be happiness for me some glorious day?
Will my dreams come true? Oh tomorrow, what will you say?
I have waited so long, I almost give up hope
I get tired of climbing this sometimes steep slope
Oh tomorrow, I know we will meet when our time is due
I must live for today, for you'll come when today is through
I'm sorry for my impatience, I'll try to be still
To remember you will come when it is His will
- Felicity