Saturday, May 14, 2016

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Tag

Every time I read the title to this tag I hear the song playing through my head! Too random? Alright, back to what I'm supposed to be doing...
I was tagged by Daminika at Walking in the Sonshine for the
"These are a few of my favorite things" Tag (though not everything is a 'thing').

1. Babies; Kiddies
I simply adore my baby (and not so baby anymore!) cousins. They just bring sunshine into my life and make this world a little bit sweeter. Snuggles from Noelle. Stories with Evelyn. Laugh's with Caleb. Pictures from Hadassah and Marcus. More snuggles from my 'Jubie'. Even more snuggles from Olympas and Cyrene! Their so innocent and trusting. They live in today. They are my everything.

Don't mind me, but aren't they just the cutest?

2. Cooking and baking
I love cooking and baking. Chicken Pot Pie. Stews. Bread. Cookies. Anything! I love finding yummy new recipes and trying them out. It's so fun to sprinkle in seasonings, adjusting everything to your own personal taste. It's especially awarding when it's a big hit and everyone loves it!

These are Steak Fajita's I made awhile ago. I just told my Mom I want to make them again!

3. Screen Doors
Mm... there is just something so special about an old wooden screen door. All curved and curled in designs, painted a lovely color. The sound they make when they bang shut. The way they let in the cool summer breeze. Someday, I want one for my very own.
4. Mountains
Yep, I've said it before but, I love mountains. Tall and majestic standing against the sky covered in brilliant white snow. They give you a feeling of comfort. They're so still and proud. They're beautiful.

5. Home Building/Home Improvement/Home D├ęcor
Anything to do with a home! Whenever I hear someone is building a house, I get so excited for them! It's just a big dream of mine to build my own home. I love to go online and save ideas for it someday. I look into everything from the kitchen appliances, to the living room furniture, to the outlet covers. Light fixtures, wood flooring, stairways, doors, anything! I could do it for hours. I try to share my finds with my family but they're not always too interested. *wink*
Perhaps someday I'll find someone who will dream right along with me!

6. Retro Items
Yep, like many of my family members, I adore the look of anything "mid-century". I love the red, turquoise, and yellow dishes. The retro refrigerators. The breakfast nooks. Lights. Oh! And those table fans <3! Have you ever taken a look at "Pioneer Woman's" dishes before? Ah! Someday I'm going to fill my house her dishware!

7. Old Movies
There is nothing like those old movies. As my Mom says, "don't they just give you a tickle belly?". The black and white screen with those familiar faces. They just don't make movies like they used to. And they certainly don't have actors like way back when.

8. Clothes
Yes, some say I have an addiction to clothes. But, I just can't help it! I love pretty clothes. Sadly, as my family can greatly agree, I am also very picky when it comes to my clothing so ones that I actually like are hard to come by. Still! I love to browse online and dream about my "someday outfits".

9. Countryside
I am ever so grateful we are back in the country and I am simply loving it! I honestly don't see how someone can actually prefer town but, each to their own!

10. Anything Old
I love anything that has a story behind it. And sometimes, even items that others have forgotten their story! There is just something "romantic" about something that someone else once loved, felt, touched. Cherished. An old book. A hand stitched quilt. An empty home.
Back in 2013 we visited the "Idaho State Penitentiary" and it just fascinated me! All those long forgotten days where people left their mark by a scratch in the wall.
Also in 2013, we visited the site of a section of the Oregon Trail for the first time. Now my stomach really did tickle then! All those years ago families traveled across country to find a better life (some being my own ancestors.) They fought Indians, disease, and death. Little ones were buried beneath the dirt then wagons driven over so coyotes and Indians wouldn't re-dig their babies out. Family heirlooms were dropped and left to the wind and rain.

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  1. Oh! I just love my little cousins! <3 And old movies! ;P And Retro things! And well, everything! ;) Guess we must be sisters. lol! :P

  2. These are special and wonderful things!

  3. Oh, I love old things, too! They have a story and I love stories! :) That picture of the mountains is beautiful!

  4. LOVE them all!!! Guess you girls got some of your dear ole Ma in ya ;) MMM We shall see if I can manage to do the tag :D

  5. I seem to share a few favorites with you ;-)

  6. I seem to share a few favorites with you! Awww, LOVE those mountains! I know how you feel...I used to wish I had some whom I could share my "making house dreams"

  7. I love my cousins so much! Even the not baby ones!;) But the baby ones are so special!!! Kiss them all for me! Missing them!