About Me

I’m Felicity
“felicity” is an old English word once commonly used in the place of “happy” or happiness”.  How many people can say their name was once a common household word? 

I am the eldest of five, having three little sisters and a not so little brother! All of whom I love to pieces. 

A home school graduate, I am now a “mother’s helper”. I love my job and am so blessed to have had it for the past five years! 

Some things that just say “me” are:

Nothing is more beautiful in my eyes, than a snow capped mountain. And nothing beats that clean mountain air. 

Who can’t help but love farmhouses? Someday, Lord willing, I’ll have my very own. 

I’m “slightly” obsessed with anything connected to the American frontier. Cowboys. Deserts. Coffee in a pot. Bacon in a pan.
Growing up (and even now) my favorite movie. Ever. Was “The Shadow Riders”. 

Louis L’Amour.
‘Nuff said. 

Country Music. 
Where would we be without Charley Pride, George Jones, and the Hagg? 

They completely steal my heart. Those shining eyes, tiny smiles, and contagious giggles? It is not uncommon to see me following a young cousin around the house, begging for kisses. 

I love being in the kitchen. It’s therapeutic for me, I believe. 
To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone enjoy something I have made. 

Need I say more? I have always been known as “the cleaning girl”. I’ve always cleaned, and I believe I always will. I love a day of scrubbing and organization. Nothing beats that satisfied feeling of a job well done. 

I love:
History; American and family. 
A good book on a rainy day. 
Being in the outdoors. 
Winnie the Pooh. 
Davy Crockett. 

And most importantly, Jesus. 

I hope my blog shines His light, for that is the reason I am here.

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