About Felicity

Hello, there! Thank you for stopping by!

I'm Felicity.
"felicity" is an old English word that was once commonly used in the place of "happy" or "happiness".  I find that kind of a neat (but random) fact.

Here at this blog, you won't find anything too exciting. Just an average girl with an average life, writing from her heart.

I am no artist when it comes to taking paint to canvas, but I love painting pictures with words. Writing something that makes the reader:

feel it
see it
smell it

I dabble in poetry, on occasions, and sometimes ponder life too deeply. I love sharing my revelations, lessons, and my overall journey through this crazy ride we call life.
My prayer is that through my writing, through my living, I may bring joy to someone else's world. Uplift them.
Shine the love of my Savior for the world to glimpse.

I am twenty-one years old, a homeschool graduate, and the eldest of five.
I have three sisters and a not so little brother, who now stands a head taller than his eldest sister.
I also have two loving parents and the sweetest fiancé a girl could ever ask for.

I love:

mountains//farmhouses//hiking//cooking//baking//babies//my cousins//cowboys//Louis L'Amour//Laura Ingalls Wilder//oldies country music//cleaning//Ancient Egypt//The Oregon Trail//family history//reading//Winnie the Pooh//Davy Crockett//Fall//sunshine on cold crisp mornings//coffee//tea//summer evenings//sunrises//early mornings//chips and dip//old TV shows//FaceTime's from my fiancé//the simple life//old fashioned values//childhood memories//puppies//laughter