Thursday, July 20, 2017

East to West // Part Two // my mountain

"Our home lay in a small valley west of the mountain.
We often called it Salmon Creek Valley, although I don't
think it was ever officially called that.
It was "our valley" and Silver Star was
our mountain,
my mountain."
-Betty West

My great-Grandma wrote those words above. It is from her I got my love of the mountains. I did not spend very much time with her growing up, and she passed away when I was quite young. Still, her free spirit was passed down to my Grandma, Mother, and finally to me.
The need for mountain air. Western skies. Cool breezes. Open land for as far as the eye can see. Sunshine and wildflowers.
My mom's side of the family once leased the section of mountain we call "Silver Star". My great-Grandma grew up running cattle up those hill sides. Staying in a cabin and riding horses. I remember hearing stories about it for as long as I can remember. That place has always had a special place in my heart. And in time I came to feel the same as Grandma Betty. This was my mountain.

From the very first time Josiah said "hello" to me, I think I told him of this special place. I wanted to share it with him, show him the place I loved so much. The Ranch is now a memory, so he will never be able to see the cabin in the woods. Maybe that is why I wanted to share Silver Star with him so badly. So Saturday morning we loaded up and headed for the hills.

The road up there is very rutted and narrow. I have never dared drive there on my own and have always rode with someone. This time, I took a deep breath and with Josiah by my side, took to the mountain roads. I was a nervous wreck and we had some scary moments, but I made it safely to the top and back down!

It was a dream come true to share this place with Josiah. I am so thankful we were able to make the long hike together. We even shared some nasty sunburns. *wink*

Care for a glimpse of my mountain?

My home is so beautiful.

Chancy and Dustin. Tiny little specks.

Looking out on the same land their ancestors did.

My best friend and I. <3

View from the summit! It's called "Silver Star" because you can
see the five mountains (also volcanos) from the top.

My Grandpa and Sue captured this of Josiah and I.

Mountain air and my love. Life doesn't get much better than that.

*my heart*

God's handiwork. Oh the colors our Lord created!

The gang! Missing Grandpa and Sue.

I'll see you next time. *waves*


  1. We live in such a beautiful place!!! <3 I just love "my" mountain also! Looking forward to going back sooner then later :):)

  2. There is no place like our mountain! <333333

  3. So fun! Still need to make that hike!

  4. So beautiful! I love the flowers! <3

  5. This was probably one of my favorite posts of yours ever. The photos were INCREDIBLE and those mountains are just plain spectacular. Wherever you live, my camera and I definitely need to come visit someday. <3
    The happiness in all of your faces, especially yours and josiah's, is so beautiful.
    Looks like such a fun trip. I hope you two are able to see each other again soon. :)
    And oh my goodness I have a thing for gorgeous flowers—wowowowow those wildflowers are too beautiful. I'll bet they smell sooo good. xx
    laughing because all these photos are so sweet and I just want to hug those lovely mountains. <3 <3

    Sophy of

  6. Wow! Thank you for the sweet comment! <3
    I am so glad you enjoyed it.
    Yes, my mountains certainly are breathtaking! Pictures just do not do justice. *sigh*
    It's hard not to be happy up there. And of course, Josiah makes me even happier. *wink*
    Thank you, I hope we can too.

    Aren't they?! I absolutely love the wildflowers around there! They smelled delicious LOL

  7. Oh, I just love my mountain! All those wildflowers! <3
    Loved, loved, loved!

  8. Wow!! You got some very nice pictures!

  9. LOVE! All the pictures are so beautiful, you look so happy in every one! <3

  10. I should come over there and stay a week so I can do all that. Loved!~Kylie