Friday, June 16, 2017

lovin' and livin'

By this point of my vacation, the nervous tickle belly of mine had eased.
Come on, it's a rollercoaster of emotions when you are spending time with a young man.
But, it's a fun ride. *wink*

My days were being spent at Grandma's, chasing little feet around, and kissing their cheeks when you caught up to them. Toddlers can run fast, let me tell you. Those poor babies. I am afraid with five of us in the house, not counting grandparents and parents, their cheeks were probably raw from slobbering kisses. Oh well, someday they shall thank us. I think?

In the evening Josiah would come over after work and we would take off somewhere. Sometimes for coffee, sometimes for ice cream. I ate so much ice cream while I was there! But.. it was so good. *sobs*
One evening Josiah took me to the mall. That was neat! I have never been to a mall out there. In fact, I had not seen much besides my grandparents hometown until this trip. I enjoyed getting to know the area!
I did not get too many pictures during all those times but, they did happen. *nods head confidently*
The evening of the mall, we went to Chick-fil-A for supper. My second time going there and it was delicious as usual!

I believe the mall trip was on a Thursday night.

Friday I believe we cleaned at Grandma's during the day, and Josiah came for supper. (shocked?)
After that we took off for a drive. We had a mission but I don't recall what it was? Coffee? Ice cream? I do know we stopped at Walmart.

During our driving around I noticed the sky was beginning to look quite lovely. So Josiah stopped at "The Cathedral of the Pines". It was breathtakingly beautiful there! Also quite chilly. But, despite that, I did capture some of the loveliness on camera.

The other girls had stopped there a couple nights before and took photos. It looked so beautiful I had hoped we could go some time.
The night they went was after we had finished cleaning Mary's house. I caught a chest cold and was miserable that night. Josiah took me to the store and bought me a bunch of tea, then we just went back to my Grandma's. Isn't he the sweetest? He even made me a cup of the tea while I curled up on the couch with the chills!

But, I am jumping around in my list of days. *covers eyes* oops. Please excuse me. Remember, my brain wasn't exactly in its proper place during these days!

Back to the Cathedral of the Pines.

We walked the loop there, and then we went to Walmart.
After Walmart, we headed back to Grandma's, and with her help, we built a fire.
Tyrel and the gang made strawberry shortcake so we had some of that before we all headed out there to chill. Literally. It was so cold!

But, that was the night of May 19th. They day when Josiah and myself finally really talked and we officially started dating. *wink*

Was a lovely day indeed.

Well, enough of that! Here are a few random photos from a few days. I believe these are from Thursday and Friday. Possibly Wednesday? *shrugs* Doesn't really matter!

When Cormick is sleepy, he is more than willing to give plenty of snuggles.
And on this morning I was privileged to be the one he gave them to. *sigh* I need him back.  


This is how you get them to sit still and fall asleep for their naps. Watch
"Little Bear" on cousins phone.

Playing trains!

Cormick woke up from his nap before Callen, so I took him outside for a bit.

Isn't my Grandpa the cutest?

Bubbles! Those two little ones loved bubbles.

It's the little things, remember? Even a tape measure can bring joy to your day.
Cormick wisdom.

Callen! Those eyes. Those cheeks. Those lips.
My heart.

Our stop at the Cathedral!

Is it not breathtaking?

And now time for our fire.

For some odd reason, Daminika didn't appreciate the smoke in her face.


  1. Oh, my heart! *covers face and sobs*
    It's been exactly two weeks since I've seen those little boys, and I'm VERY lonesome for them... *sniffs*

  2. Oh my babies!!! *sobs* life way so much better when they had their little arms around my neck ;P

  3. Ahh! Cormick and Callen are so cute! I wonder if they missed us when we left... ;)

  4. Too cute pictures! I think they all need to come out and visit already! It's their turn. ;)

  5. Lovely post! Ah, Chick-fil-A! I'm glad you've liked it! I love going there so very much ... *happy sigh* And they just got gluten-free buns, which is cool for me! :))