Monday, June 26, 2017

Just Another Day//Final Post

... in paradise!

So many special moments, so many memories made. Today I decided it was high time I finished up my vacation posts! So, this will be mostly scattered photos, with explanations throughout. I had to pick and choose which ones to share, as there were so many! I was beyond blessed on that trip, and am thankful that I was granted that special time with my loved ones.

These guys. They hold such a special place in my heart. *smiles*

Callen, I love you, and miss you!

Callen Lyle

Cormick Edwin

 Once a week, Josiah's family has "family night". I was so nervous going there for the first time, meeting his Dad and siblings. (I already had met his Mom. And of course his brother, Amos, is my Uncle. So I already knew one sibling *wink*)
Before heading to their house, we stopped at a neat coffee shop. They roast their own coffee there!

 While Josiah and Amos played a game with their sisters, Mary and I ran around with these two little guys. They loved playing in the back of Uncle Josiah's truck!

I made pasty for supper one night.

 Josiah took me back to that cute coffee shop in Milford. I was in love with that place! It was fun sitting on a couch in there, just sipping our hot drinks and enjoying being together. It was dark, cold, and rainy. Wish I could go back to that moment.

Seriously, what is better than sharing breakfast with these two?

Josiah and I went out to breakfast quite a few times! This was just one of the mornings.

 While Daddy and Uncle Josiah worked on the sauna, big cousin ran around and played with these guys!


This was not an uncommon sight.

One Sunday after church, Callen hung out with us for a bit. He was NOT impressed when Daddy took him out so we could leave. I would have taken him with us if I could! Those tears broke my heart.

No worries though, he got some playtime later on that day. *giggles*

 After church and lunch, Josiah and I headed out on the road for Cape Cod.
Every year, his extended family meet down there and camp. It was fun driving the two hours there, meeting more family, biking, and sitting around the campfire.

We found crabs while walking along the cape! I had never done anything like that and it was so neat!

Josiah's sister, Gwen, snapped this of us while we were sitting by the fire.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream! We spent way too much time at Kimball's I'm afraid *wink*
But it was oh so good!

Driving down dirt roads.

I went to Josiah's work one day, and hung out with him for a couple hours. I even helped him with some of it!

Shopping with twins is way too much fun.

Our final day together, hiking. I got so many photos that day, but I feel as though I have shared
too many as it is!
Our last day there, Josiah was given the day off of work, and we spent the whole day together. Out to breakfast at Parker's Maple Barn, driving back roads, hanging out at his house with his parents, hiking up Kidder Mountain, eating lunch at Pizza Haven Too, floating in a canoe on the pond, and finally spending the rest of the evening together at Grandma's.
Saying goodbye was so hard that night, but I am so thankful for the memories of that day!

One week. Seven days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes. Josiah will be here!

For TEN whole days.


  1. Love! <3 Makes me feel emotional for you tho.. knowing how hard it was to say goodbye..... Sigh..SO glad he will be here soon! <3

    1. It was hard... feels like a lifetime ago ;)

  2. I've so enjoyed reading all of your posts about your vacation, Felicity! (Along with your sisters' posts! *smiles*) So fun. ^_^

    Exciting that Josiah will be coming to visit you soon!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them! I was taking forever getting them up and afraid people were getting tired of it! So I finally wrapped it all up Lol

      I am super excited!! Long distance is hard ;)

  3. Oh. Those boys just kill me! <3 <3 <3
    That picture of Daminika and Tyrel... tell me about it! I got so sick of the both of them sitting on their phones. *rolls eyes*
    But when they weren't on their phones, it was fun sprawling on the couch with them and chatting.
    Love the picture of the church <3

    1. I know it!! <3 <3 <3
      Those two *rolls eyes with you*
      It turned out nice, didn't it?

  4. *looks at pic of me and Tyrel and chuckles* you know you love us xP

  5. That picture of you and Josiah by the fire is really cute!
    And like LaKaysha, I love that picture of the church!!

  6. Very cute pictures! I know how a long distance relationship goes.. It is hard, but in other ways it is better! :)

  7. LOVED! I can't wait to meet Josiah, but I am so scared too! What will I say? *winks*