Wednesday, June 28, 2017

blue sky tag

Quite awhile ago, a friend and fellow blogger tagged me for "The Blue Sky Tag". I was on vacation at the time and did not see it until just recently. I am sorry I took so long, Shantelle, but thank you so much for tagging me!

The Rules:
Thank the person who tagged you
Answer the 11 questions
Tag 11 people
Give them 11 questions


1. What would you say is the hardest season that God has brought you through so far? Looking back, what did He teach you through that lesson?

I recently wrote about my personal "life changing" experience here on my blog. It happened about a year ago, and I came out, in my heart, a different person.
You can read the full story here.
It was a very dark time for me, personally, inside. I was full of fear and anger. My world was turning dark and I didn't know what to do, or where to go. So I fell to my knees and pleaded with God. Begging Him to help. Change my heart. Show me where to go. And He did.
I came through that trial more confident and content. I'm still human, but those cold feelings have vanished like the sun melting away the winter snow.

2. What is one book/verse from the Bible that has inspired you lately?
I have always loved the 23rd Psalm. It has always held a special place in my heart, but just recently it became near and dear to me. I was walking a hard road, but the Lord picked me up, and carried me through. He stored my soul.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
Psalm 23

3. Do you prefer tea or coffee? And what kind? (black or with cream and sugar, herbal tea, lattes, etc.?)
This is a hard question.
I love my coffee, but I also love my tea! I am more of a coffee in the morning-tea at night kind of girl. Course, they both taste good in between those times, too. *wink*

For coffee, black with Truvia. No cream for me. Occasionally I will get a "special" coffee from a coffee shop and will have cream, but for the most part I like my home brewed black.
For tea my favorite flavor is "Honey Vanilla Chamomile" with Truvia. But I also like black teas, green teas, and other herbal teas. Usually I drink them all plain or with Truvia. Except black tea with cream is delicious!

4. What is one sermon/talk that you think every Christian should listen to?
Hmm... I am not one who listens to special sermons or talks. I love the old time sermons at church on Sunday mornings, especially when I feel as though God had them spoken specifically for me to hear.

5. What is one (or more) book you think every Christian should read?
Oh boy. Honestly, I can't think of any. I don't really read anything besides westerns and biographies these days. Can't say I believe those are a absolute must for Christians. *wink*
I like my King James. Nothing in this world beats those beautiful words.

6. What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress?
Watch a movie.
It's true, I love my movies in the evening. Curled on the couch in my pajama's, sipping tea, and being swept away into another world of no worries for one short hour. TV-Shows are usually my "go to". They are short, sweet, and fun. Favorites for me would be The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Father Knows Best, and I Love Lucy.

I also enjoy listening to music, sitting (or walking) outside in the fresh air, and baking/cooking.

7. Was there a time in your life that God answered a prayer in a really amazing way? (share the story!)
I have to say, it would be the same as the first question. I prayed for years and years to find "that special someone". Until I finally gave up and truly allowed God to control my life, it never happened.
Then out of nowhere, someone walked into my life that changed it forever. It has been far more beautiful than anything I ever created in my mind.

8. What is one childhood hobby that you wish you'd kept pursuing?
Childhood hobby? *wracks brain*
I remember collecting rocks. I don't think I care to start that hobby again.
I did start to teach myself to play the piano several years ago. It would have been nice if I had continued in it and could play as my sisters do.

9. What do you dislike most? Spiders or Snakes?
Both are disgusting, but I have to say snakes.

10. What is your favorite hymn?
He, The Pearly Gates
Shall We Gather At The River

11. What books do you really want to read this summer?
Uh... read? Who has time to read?! *sweat drips from forehead*
I do know I would like to be able to finish one book this summer!
"This Life I Live" by Rory Feek. It is the first book I have picked up in a long time that I actually have been able to thoroughly enjoy. I am over halfway finished so that's a plus! *pats self on back*

There is no way I can tag 11 people, sorry folks! So I'll tag 3.

I tag:
Marissa at Hidden Treasures
Daminika at Walking in the Sonshine
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Your questions are:

1. Do you prefer tea or coffee? And what kind? (black or with cream and sugar, herbal tea, lattes, etc.)

2. What is one childhood hobby that you wish you'd kept pursuing?

3. What is one book/verse from the Bible that has inspired you lately?

4. What season of the year is your favorite, and why?

5. Favorite childhood memory

6. What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress?

7. What quote/verse has inspired you the most, and why?

8. What would you say is the hardest season that God has brought you through so far? Looking back, what did He teach you through that lesson?

9. Where would you like to be in 10 years?

10. What is your dream vacation?

11. Why did you begin blogging?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Just Another Day//Final Post

... in paradise!

So many special moments, so many memories made. Today I decided it was high time I finished up my vacation posts! So, this will be mostly scattered photos, with explanations throughout. I had to pick and choose which ones to share, as there were so many! I was beyond blessed on that trip, and am thankful that I was granted that special time with my loved ones.

These guys. They hold such a special place in my heart. *smiles*

Callen, I love you, and miss you!

Callen Lyle

Cormick Edwin

 Once a week, Josiah's family has "family night". I was so nervous going there for the first time, meeting his Dad and siblings. (I already had met his Mom. And of course his brother, Amos, is my Uncle. So I already knew one sibling *wink*)
Before heading to their house, we stopped at a neat coffee shop. They roast their own coffee there!

 While Josiah and Amos played a game with their sisters, Mary and I ran around with these two little guys. They loved playing in the back of Uncle Josiah's truck!

I made pasty for supper one night.

 Josiah took me back to that cute coffee shop in Milford. I was in love with that place! It was fun sitting on a couch in there, just sipping our hot drinks and enjoying being together. It was dark, cold, and rainy. Wish I could go back to that moment.

Seriously, what is better than sharing breakfast with these two?

Josiah and I went out to breakfast quite a few times! This was just one of the mornings.

 While Daddy and Uncle Josiah worked on the sauna, big cousin ran around and played with these guys!


This was not an uncommon sight.

One Sunday after church, Callen hung out with us for a bit. He was NOT impressed when Daddy took him out so we could leave. I would have taken him with us if I could! Those tears broke my heart.

No worries though, he got some playtime later on that day. *giggles*

 After church and lunch, Josiah and I headed out on the road for Cape Cod.
Every year, his extended family meet down there and camp. It was fun driving the two hours there, meeting more family, biking, and sitting around the campfire.

We found crabs while walking along the cape! I had never done anything like that and it was so neat!

Josiah's sister, Gwen, snapped this of us while we were sitting by the fire.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream! We spent way too much time at Kimball's I'm afraid *wink*
But it was oh so good!

Driving down dirt roads.

I went to Josiah's work one day, and hung out with him for a couple hours. I even helped him with some of it!

Shopping with twins is way too much fun.

Our final day together, hiking. I got so many photos that day, but I feel as though I have shared
too many as it is!
Our last day there, Josiah was given the day off of work, and we spent the whole day together. Out to breakfast at Parker's Maple Barn, driving back roads, hanging out at his house with his parents, hiking up Kidder Mountain, eating lunch at Pizza Haven Too, floating in a canoe on the pond, and finally spending the rest of the evening together at Grandma's.
Saying goodbye was so hard that night, but I am so thankful for the memories of that day!

One week. Seven days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes. Josiah will be here!

For TEN whole days.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Boston//The Freedom Trail

The Old North Church.

The home of Paul Revere

The Boston Harbor.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the opportunity to see such places. But do you know what? I did. And it was a history lover's dream come true.

Bright and early Monday morning, we loaded into Grandpa's car, and headed on the road to the famous Boston, Massachusetts. The only down-fall was that Josiah was working so he was unable to join us. Other wise, it was one of my very favorite days on our East Coast vacation!

First stop was the Boston Aquarium. After missing the turn (to which Tyrel blames me. How was I suppose to know he didn't see the sign?!) we finally found a parking garage and got the car safely parked. It was cold and drizzly but thankfully it was not pouring as the weather had said it would be.

After the aquarium we were all hungry so we headed back outside and took off walking. We found a Panera Bread and enjoyed lunch there. It was my first time being there and I am afraid I am hooked. It was so good!

The aquarium was neat, but for this girl, The Freedom Trail was why I tagged along.

The Freedom Trail is an actual line that leads you through the heart of old Boston. It's several miles long with historical markers along the way. We didn't even reach half of them before it grew late and we had to head home! It would be neat to someday go back and spend a whole weekend just walking and seeing.

Along the way we found a cute little Gelato parlor, and of course Kirsten and Tyrel had to get some.

Tyrel was not too impressed with having to take this picture, until he found out those bricks were the trail.
We ended up starting in "Little Italy". The part of Boston where the Italians settled.
This little grocery was adorable with sawdust on the floor, and home canned goodies.
Even that little Italian man stopped by to pick up his daily fresh baked bread.

Me and Emily ran around everywhere squealing and touching everything!
"Imagine who touched these walls in 1776!"

First stop on the trail for us was the home of Paul Revere. It was tucked against a large brick building, with a large wooden fence along the front. No photos were allowed inside, but it was so fun to see! They even had original pieces of furniture that Paul Revere himself had used! I couldn't help soaking in every inch of that little house, trying to comprehend that Paul Revere himself had once breathed in those very rooms. *shutters*

Once we were done there, it was back onto the trail.

That detailing. They don't make buildings like they used to.

Our next stop was The Old North Church. My absolute favorite part.

So much rich history, and where our country truly began.

I felt as though I was dreaming as I walked into that beautiful building. Touching the wooden benches and smelling that old musty smell. Imagine how this place would have looked on Sunday morning back in 1776.

Men like
Paul Revere
Dr. Warren
walked those very floors.

After the church, we headed for Boston Harbor.

It was cold, but lovely, and a lot of fun to walk along.

By then it was nearing supper time, so we loaded back in the car and headed back home.
Once home, we ate supper, I showered, and Josiah came over.

I ended my day in pajama's, on the couch, watching Andy Griffith with my boyfriend.

Now if that isn't a perfect way to end a perfect day, I don't know what is.