Sunday, April 30, 2017

twenty one

Life is a journey to be
Not a problem to be
- Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes that little bear has some wise words to share. Life truly is a journey. It's how you travel the road that will make it an enjoyable one or not.

Recently I celebrated my twenty-first birthday. Some days I look in the mirror in awe. I can't believe I am no longer that little girl with big blue eyes and freckles across her nose.

I am told I was a very sensitive child. And I do believe it.
I was afraid of absolutely everything. People, animals, water etc. Anything I couldn't control in my own little hands frightened me.
I observed people closely and could always tell when someone was sad, angry, happy... When it was sad or angry I did my absolute best to make them happy again.

I loved helping people and making them smile.
I loved babies and could stare at them for hours. Breathing in every detail. Rubbing their cheeks softly. Fingering the fingers and toes.
I loved the outdoors and played outside whenever possible.
I also was quite a girl and loved wearing dresses, cleaning, and listening to the adults. Pretending I was a "full grown lady". I couldn't wait to grow up. It couldn't come soon enough.
Now that day has come. In a blink of an eye that little girl vanished into time.

I spent my birthday in town with a dear friend. We walked the mall, ate frozen yogurt, and she paid for me to get my nails done. Only my second time ever and it was a lot of fun.

Before I left my Mom asked what I wanted for supper. I jokingly told her one of my favorite meals: steak and salad.
I knew we didn't have the food but I honestly didn't know what I wanted that we did have.

"Surprise me. Just please don't surprise me with spaghetti."

(I do NOT like spaghetti.)

I came home to a bouquet of flowers and... steak and salad. It was a lovely surprise and the food tasted delicious.

'Twas a lovely way to bring in my twenty-first year of life.
I also received gifts from the baby sister, an Auntie, and the kiddoes I teach school to! I cherished each one greatly.

Thank you to all who made me feel so very special.

Friday, April 14, 2017

the little things

Coffee in your favorite mug.
A gentle smile in passing.
Sunshine on your face.
A kind word.
A new book.

It's the little things.

In this modern world we live in, life seems to run on fast forward. People have seemed to forgotten what it is like to be generally thankful. Forgotten how exciting it was to receive an orange for Christmas. Maybe even a bright new copper penny.
Forgotten what a blessing it is to just awaken in the morning. To breathe deeply and simply say,

"Thank you Lord for granting me one more day."

As I grow older (because I am so old, right?) I am beginning to learn what it means to be thankful for the little things.
I went over a year without a bedroom, or a real bed. But I didn't mind. It taught me to be thankful for the one I now have! Maybe the sheets aren't new, and the comforter is nearly as old as me, but it's mine.

When food is not abundant, it helps you appreciate any form given your way. It's exciting and new. Savor each bite.

Maybe your little one just spilt milk onto the floor. Remember that somewhere, someone has lost a child. They would give anything to wipe up that mess.

Even a smile can change someone's life. You don't have to speak a word, but that gentle gesture could brighten a life more than you will ever know.

It's the little things.

Instead of grumbling because something has not gone your way, simply say, "thank you".
"Thank you Lord for this lesson. A lesson to help me grow in this life."

We shouldn't think about what we don't have. Focus on what we do. And if we do that, we become far more content with our lives.

Remember the little things.

A hot shower.
Warm clothes.
Gas in your car.

It's the little things.