Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Month of March

How can it be possible that yet another month has flown by? I'm telling you, somehow, somewhere, the days have gotten shorter. *sighs*
When I was small, the coming of April was the most exciting month ever. It was the month of my birthday. Now I am thinking that maybe April could wait a little bit?
I am enjoying the warmer tempatures and looking forward to our summer days of sunshine and our cool evenings. Fires, barbicues, bare feet in the dirt.

This month has just been filled with ordinary days. Except for the beginning of the month. We spent some time with my Auntie and Uncle over the river.

School is coming to a close at Mollie's, and spring cleaning is fast approaching. This will be my fifth time spring cleaning there. And it may be my last, as they are slowly building a new house (on the same piece of property) and are hoping it will be done by late summer/early fall.

With the cold weather comes virus'. During this time of the year work for me always slows as either the kids catch a bug, or myself.

This past Monday I came down with... something? I am not even sure exactly what it was or where it came from.
Sunday for lunch we ate out at Shari's. After that, slowly throughout the day, I started just feeling "funny". My chest ached, my back ached. The bones in my legs began to throb. By evening my head hurt and my eyes burned. I thought perhaps I had drank too much coffee. Not enough protien. On my feet too long. Sitting too long. Just all those "perhaps" thoughts.
I crawled into bed that night, every bone in my body just plain hurting. And not a sore hurt. It was a sick hurt. I tossed and turned all night, dreaming strange dreams and feeling half awake until morning.
I crawled out of bed and made my way into the house, heading to the bathroom as I always do. But before I could even comprehend what was happening, I felt my legs grow weak and every ounce of blood drained from my face.

I was passing out.

I have never passed out before, but I have been near it, and this was the same feeling.
I curled onto the bathroom floor while nausea swept through me. After awhile, it passed. Though I felt weak, I began to improve and was able to drink some orange juice and eat a banana. We thought perhaps I had low blood sugar.
After breakfast I decided to take a nap. My eyes burned and I needed to feel fresh for babysitting that afternoon.
I slept for about an hour and once again headed back into the house. Again I nearly passed out.
Babysitting was cancled and I spent the rest of the day on the couch.
Aches in the bones, light headed, nausea, chills, tender skin, headache.
By evening I was feeling much better and by the next morning I felt nearly back to my old self, though just a little weak.
It was a weird virus, if it was that? Or perhaps it was a slight reaction to something I ate?

Thankfully, I now feel completely well and am back at working. Babysitting, teaching school, cleaning.

Here are some photos I have taken in this past month!

Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Long name, but oh so delicious. Have you ever tried using "brown butter"? It's
absolutly amazng! You basically "burn" butter until it turns a dark golden color and begins
to smell a sweet nutty scent. It gives your recipes a delicous tang to it!

So this month I kind of was on a "kitchen craze" and cooked/baked several fun things!
Salsbury Steak, homemade bread (made by sister) and "Green Fries" (aka baked green beans)

The two sweet kiddies I have recently begun babystting.

How can you not love Jub's long eyelashes?!

One Sunday I found myself at home with no one to be with. So, I scampered onto the
chicken coop (or barn) roof, and soaked in some sunshine while the goats cried to join me.

Love that warm light!

Another "first" for me!
THM Zuppa Tuscana. Yum!
One morning us girls decided to go out to breakfast together!

The moon one night was absolutly breathtaking.

I had my wires changed a couple weeks ago on my braces, and the "o-rings" changed.
They are now a very light purple, rather than teal blue. I like them better. What do you think?

Sunday stroll.



Can you spy the bro?

One evening I joined my brother out in the goat pen and watched him climb trees.
Actually, I hid my eyes and exclaimed "be careful!"

Yes Simon, can I help you?

I've been messing aorund with fancy writing. I'm no expert but it's fun anway!

Sometimes mist can be pretty.
 How did you spend your month?


  1. LOVED! I'm glad your feeling normal and aren't sick, I like your new "o-rings" better than blue! I love every picture on here! Your so beautiful! And you know what I did this month! <333

  2. Goats are the best! Simon is absolutely adorable. What kind of goats are they?
    That last photo is AMAZING!! <3

    lavender & blue

  3. That Zuppa Tuscana looks so good!! :) And wasn't that such a nice stroll?