Thursday, September 7, 2017

Farwell To The Mountains // For Now

Farwell to the mountains
Whose mazes to me
are more beautiful far
than Eden could be
- Davy Crockett

1 day
6 hours
45 minutes
10 seconds

until I board a plane and fly 3,000 miles away.
Until I get to be with my boyfriend again.
For 27 days.

This will be the longest I have ever been away from my family. We shall see how I do. *wink*
I am sad, and nervous, to leave them all for so long but, I miss Josiah. It has been nearly 2 months since we have been together and I feel we really need this time.

Please pray that my flight goes well and I can relax! I will be flying completely alone, for the first time.
Also pray that my time there is blessed and I return with wonderful memories.

I may not be on here again until I am home so, "I'll see you next time on... my blog."
(PBS kids will get it *wink*)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Camping // Photo Dump // I got lonely

Last weekend my family, Grandpa & Sue, and Marissa & Marita, and Kirsten Jean went camping in the mountains. Usually I would be all for roughing it. No internet. No running water. Not even an outhouse for miles. Just me and the mountains. But, this time, it was hard for me to go. I knew that my phone would not work very well up there, and it was hard for me to not be able to talk to Josiah. Super hard.

I feel so bad that I got so lonely up there, and wish I could have just relaxed! I really was grateful to be spending that special time with my family, and being out in the air I love so much. I just am a little crazy at this time. *wink*

We found a flat spot right in view of the mountain, and it truly was breathtaking. We spent two nights up in those mountains. The first day was spent setting up camp, played a little bit of a game, and then we headed off to bed. It was so cold! And I was so lonely.

The next day we took off hiking some trails Grandpa knows from his elk hunting trips. It was so neat to be out there, I have to admit! I loved it!

At the top there was some service and I was able to call Josiah and hear his voice for about five minutes before it quit out on me.

That night I found service right at camp and was able to talk to him on the phone for probably an hour! I wish I could have done that the first night because after that phone call I was way more relaxed!

I apologize family for being such a cry baby *shrugs* *wink* I truly did appreciate being with you all.

Here is a photo dump of the trip!

Filling the tires with air!

Ready to roll

On the road. First sight of Mt. Adams

There she is!

Setting up camp


Ready for our hike

Tiny but mighty. The sweetest strawberry you will ever taste are the wild ones!

Liberty stung her foot before we left and it was swollen and sore. Chancy carried her a lot of the way.

At the lookout!

Packing up

I would love to go back again someday! But maybe next time Josiah could come along? *wink*

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LIFE UPDATE // Hiking // New Hair // Beach Trip // Guess where I'm going

"The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and to have courage when things go wrong."
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sometimes we all just need a little bit of "Laura wisdom" so, there is a small dose for you today.

Hello, blog friends! I felt it had been awhile since I had done a life update post so, here comes one!

Many things have been happening to me in the recent weeks. I have gone through a lot emotionally and spiritually. I am growing, learning, and coming to a place of peace. But, not without many moments of tears and fear. I am thankful for those hard moments for they make me stronger. I love knowing that my Savior is by my side, and will never ever leave me. Knowing that I can turn to Him at any moment and drop my troubles at His feet. Isn't that something amazing?

I have recently gone on a few "adventures" and am also still working once a week at Mollie's. The rest of my days are spent FaceTiming Josiah. *blush* Yes, ask my family, we FaceTime a lot.
It is not unusual to see him sitting on the table, during our family meal times.
I love our long deep talks, as well as our fun ones! There is something special about having someone you can share everything with. *smiles* Ok. Enough of that. *wink*

You may be wondering how my teeth are coming? I won't even hint I am nearing the end because I have now decided I shall never get these braces off. *wink* When they were first mentioned, I was told 3-4 months with them. Then 4-6. "They will be off in time for summer."
It has now been 8 months and I don't feel they will be off any time soon. It was frustrating before, but I have now come to the place where I no longer am waiting for them to come off. They'll come off, someday. But I have no idea when. You are stuck with my metal smile for a bit longer guys!

One of the adventures I went on was a day of hiking with the sisters and cousins. Kirsten was down for the weekend so of course, we had to do something. It was so hot and dusty, but also so fun! I love getting out in nature, especially with special people.

This girl can't seem to stay out of the trees.

Ready to head up!

Sometimes I am amazed at how big this world is. And our God is even bigger!

Soaking their feet in the creek!
Something else happened guys. I cut my hair!


I have not gone this short since I was twelve years old, so it took some getting used to. I am still getting used to it! But I do really like it. It feels so much healthier and easier to take care of. My hair has never been very healthy, and has never looked very good long. Josiah wanted me to try going short, so I did!

What do you think?

One Saturday, the gang wanted to head to the beach. So we loaded up and did just that! The weather was sunny on the way there, but if you know the Pacific Ocean, warmth is not a common thing. We eventually left the beach just as the rain clouds rolled up. Still, it was fun!
Except One: I missed Josiah. Two: I got carsick.
I never get carsick, or, almost never. But that day I did! And I was so miserable the entire day. It was quite strange actually. But take those out, and it was a nice day. The best part though was coming home, putting on pajama's, and talking to my boyfriend. *blush*

Noelle just enjoying a lemon.

These girls! <3

Auntie Riss <3

The river

On the way to the beach we stopped at the column in Astoria. That was probably my favorite part!

It is always so terrifying to climb those stairs, but so fun at the same time! That view.

The great Columbia River. That's Washington on the other side! I was standing in Oregon.

That smile. My heart.

I just had to do it.
J + F

Supper at our usual stop! And I had my usual clam chowder with a roll. Yum.

Part of the gang!
Guess where I am going, guys? In 16 days?


I will be gone for four weeks. I am so excited!
I know, a lot of people probably are thinking: already? You just seen him. And you were just there in June.
I miss Josiah so bad and am counting down the seconds (literally) until we are together again. No one ever told me how hard it is to be separated from someone so special to you. I mean, I knew it was hard, but now I know just how hard!
We have been separated for 41 days now. It feels like 41 years. By the time we are together again we will have been apart for 57 days.
Still, I am thankful for these days because we have grown so close during them, and have come to know each other much deeper. I love it.
But, it's time we were together again.

16 days, and I'll be on a jet plane.