Friday, December 16, 2016

The Year of 20-16

I've seen some "2016" posts and thought, hey, why not do one myself. I can't seem to remember exactly everything that has happened in the past year, so out comes the handy dandy journal and photos!


This was probably one of the busiest months out of the whole year!
For one, I began wearing my appliance, December 30th, and slowly adjusting to having it in my mouth. The first two weeks were very hard and my teethed ached bad. But I slowly adjusted to it and soon it became just a part of me.

Of course a major life changing even occurred on January 23rd. Kaysha and Roger said "I do".
My, that was one wild ride. We spent the month scurrying about, preparing last minute details, and buying last minute decorations. It was a fun busy time.
I actually ended up being sick during her wedding, though it wasn't so bad that I couldn't function. I had the worst cold ever and sounded like a deep dying frog. Every time I talked people would stare wide eyed at me. I remember Kirsten saying as I ran by hurrying to do something, "Oh my goodness! You sound awful!" (And so began the many long months of one virus after the other)
The last three days were the craziest, and I remember feeling so tired and fogged. Somewhat like I was dreaming. I can't imagine how Kaysha felt! If I felt fogged? And I wasn't even the one getting married!
I went through some times, emotionally. My best friend was stepping out on a new adventure that I couldn't be apart of. But it is so worth it!
I was afraid that our relationship wouldn't be the same but really, for the most part, it has. In fact, I feel we have become even closer. We talk about so much, for hours, and share our hearts to each other. (Of course I know she shares more with her hubby! And I want it that way!)
I love watching her grow in her marriage. And I am so thankful I was able to be a part of her special day.

In February, us "young kids" made a trip to the beach. It was an all day thing and I really had fun! I'm not much of a beach person, but the weather was lovely and I enjoyed walking on the beach and taking photos! Afterwards we stopped at a Pizza place and ate supper. I'll admit, it was almost as good as Rocky's and Uncle D's! Very similar to Rocky's actually!

We also began planning for Shanoah's baby shower! That too was an exciting time. I couldn't wait to meet the baby girl!
Nissa and Ethan announced their engagement and I looked forward to another special friends wedding.
At the end of February, I caught Influenza and was down for weeks. It was just awful. *shutter*

For the first two weeks of March, I was sick. I burned with fever and throbbed with a headache. I have never felt so sick in my life. Sweat just poured from my being and I slept my life away.
I almost never left the couch and drifted in and out of reality.
Slowly on the mend, I was finally able to move about. Shanoah's shower was fast approaching and I felt horrible for not being able to help Kaysha out like I had wanted.
But we managed to put it on and all worked out!
I was still extremely weak and wasn't able to move about much, but I made it!
Good thing we had it to! Because Noelle Jill decided to arrive a whole month early and surprise us all! She was so tiny.
April. A good month, and a sad month.
I believe it was on April 13th when we received the news a distant cousin, and brother of my boss, had taken his own life. It was shocking to hear. My boss flew to New Hampshire for the funeral and I didn't work for awhile during that time.
On a fun note, I decided to cut and "lighten" my hair! It was the first time ever coloring it and was fun to do! I really liked it. Not sure what others thought, but! It felt good!
My hair had been falling out by the handfuls due to being so sick for so many months, and I began to break out in bad acne. I needed a change.
I also turned twenty years old. That was a little hard for me. Knowing my teen years were gone forever. But I had adjusted to it and am just enjoying the life God has blessed me with today!
Another baby cousin also was born! Joshua Albert arrived April 30th.
Two more babies arrived in the world! My boss had her baby, Bridget.

Auntie A also welcomed a baby girl! We sadly were not able to meet her though for awhile.
During this month we all loaded up into the big ole van and headed out for the church campout! It was something new and fun to do.
Click the photo below to read my post on it:
For own personal reasons, this month was the hardest month of the year. I went through some struggles, fears, and plenty of tears. I won't share what they were, but I will say, it wasn't fun!
I am thankful, though, for this trial. It opened my eyes and brought me closer to my parents and my Saviour. He truly is wonderful!

During this time,  my parents and two youngest siblings loaded up old "Waylon" and headed on the road to Texas! Me and my two sisters were home alone for ten days. Though I missed them, and was very relieved when they safely arrived home, it was an enjoyable "girl time".
We giggled, fought, watched "Gunsmoke", and lived life. It was kind of fun being able to cook for just the three of us, and not have to worry about dairy sensitivity, and Trim Healthy Mama.
(Still love you guys! *wink*)
I'm sorry if I make some of these months sound "sad", but like I said, I was struggling. When I look back, I just re-feel all those horrible feelings I felt. I don't like it.
I struggled with my looks a lot during this time. Looking back I now wonder if the appliance, and the reshaping of my jaw, caused this. I broke out in acne and never felt so... ugly
Still, during the rainy days, sunshine peeped through.
We got together for the 4th and I enjoyed playing with my younger cousins. They really helped me through those days.
We also attended our rodeo! That was neat!

The family made a trip to Tri-Cities. We stayed with Auntie A and Uncle T, and had a wonderful time. I absolutely love being with them!
And we of course got to meet baby cousin Kaaren Sue. She was so tiny and soft!
During this trip, I made the final decision to fly to New Hampshire. Cousin Shiloh wanted to go as well, so we decided to fly together! That was a huge step for me, as I would be taking my first major trip. Flying for the first time without my parents, and spending two whole weeks away from home.
Once back, another friend would soon be married. Auntie Marita and I were to do her wedding flowers. It was my first time but I enjoyed it and am so very thankful I was able to do a small part of her wedding. On July 30th, Ethan and Nissa said "I do". Her wedding was beautiful.
This month was a huge turning point for me, emotionally. I was beginning to feel again and life, I realized, was not that bad. It was beautiful in fact.
I think the first thing that really helped me was our big trip to the Ranch! I won't go into detail about it as I did a blog post about it earlier! But, that was a very blessed trip. I am so thankful I was able to enjoy it so immensely!
Click here to read about our time in Eastern Oregon.
On August 24th, I boarded a jet plane and began my adventure across the country. And my what the time I had! God knew exactly what I needed. That trip was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I never felt so peaceful and content. And that peace has followed me all the way to today.
God works in mysterious ways? Doesn't He? If I hadn't been struggling, I probably would never had dared to leave. And oh how thankful that I did.
I met my baby twin cousins, hung out with my favorite Auntie Mary, visited with Grandma, and just plain breathed.
While there I visited Clark's Trading Post. That was a nice change of pace.
Still in New Hampshire, my New York City trip soon approached. That was a crazy time and I loved every minute of it! It was a once in a lifetime thing, and how thankful I am that I got to experience it! Being a "out West" girl, I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I'd see "the big apple".
 Read about it here.
On September 7th, I flew home. And how sad I was to go. I was going to miss everyone so much. Especially Cormick and Callen.
Cousin Abigail became very ill once I arrived home, and was hospitalized. We took the other kids and it was a long week. But I am sure much longer for sweet Abi and her parents!
During this month, I did some Christmas photo shoots, as well as Noelle's 6 month! That was a lot of fun.

My Dad completed our bedroom in the back of the garage! It feels amazing to have a real bed and a door where I can shut out the world for awhile. Someday we shall finally decorate it. But for now, it'll do.

I seen a herd of elk on the way to work one day!
And I received my NYC shirt!

Nothing too "exciting" or major. Just getting back into the routine of being at home!
Nothing too major happened last month.
We found our cats kittens and began the process of bottle feeding them as "Tinkerbell" had died! My, how many kittens I gave baths to. Sadly, out of seven of them, only one survived. And is she one spoiled cat! One of the spunkiest too. "Duchess" rules the roost here. *winks*
I did my usual babysitting and cleaning.
We had a harvest party!
I went on a few walks with some dear friends at a nearby park.

I did some babysitting, visited with family during Thanksgiving, and thanked God for my wonderful life.
This month has just been filled with preparations for Christmas. Shopping, setting up the tree, and Christmas baking.

One exciting thing is, I am no longer wearing my appliance!
Next week I am scheduled to have my teeth cleaned and then comes... braces! I'll admit, I am not looking forward to having braces but I am excited. Excited because that means I am so much closer to being done. I can't wait until all is done and I can see my new smile completed!
It has been a rollercoaster of a year, but one I am so thankful for. I have grown very much during all this. Spiritually and emotionally. And I am the most happiest and most content I have ever been.
I have learned to hold your loved ones near.
To cherish the little moments.
Thank God for everything.
To dance in the rain.
He makes all things beautiful, in His time.
That God needs to be my all in all. And "all else shall be added".
Trust in the Lord, with all my heart.
To be a friend.
May God continue to guide my feet, as a New Year approaches. With many more adventures awaiting me.


  1. Sounds like a successful year! Enjoyed the read! And pics!

  2. Awe this made me teary eyed... reliving some of the "hard" times with you. Oh how wonderful our God is!! Loving us always, guiding us and never leaving us!! Prayers for a wonderful new year filled with many blessings!! <3

  3. You may have had a "roller-coaster" of a year, but I'm sure this post is more interesting than mine ever will be. ;D
    I enjoyed it a lot! I'm glad you got to go to New Hampshire - and though I wanted to go too, I knew that you needed to do it alone. So somehow I sat back and let you go to my favorite place without me. (okay- ONE of my favorite places ;P)

  4. I really enjoyed this post, Felicity! Glad you are feeling better and finding joy and contentment in the Lord! It's very encouraging to see how He so lovingly works in our lives, as with your trip to New Hampshire. :)

    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! ^_^ God's blessings!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      And thank you very much <3

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  5. Grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord... Sounds like you're growing... Up? ;-) Though I don't know all about your personal trials I thank God with you for his working in your life!