Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Family Time and Thanksgiving Dinner

Hello everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving was a special one. Now onto Christmas! Because ready or not, here it comes.
I thought I would do just a quick little photo update of my time before and during Thanksgiving.

My great- Aunt and Uncle flew here for a few days to do some packing up of their old office.
One Sunday we gathered at my other great-Aunt and Uncle's house and had some relaxing family time.

Seriously, this girl.

There is no lack of snuggles for her!
The day of Thanksgiving rolled around and as usual, we gathered at Grandpa's. Not everyone made it, but more did than I expected. It was nice relaxing, snuggling with Joshua, and eating my favorite. Stuffing.
Itty Bitty Auntie with her not so little niece
(Auntie was devastated to discover that she is actually
 4'10 1/2 rather than the 4'11 3/4 she thought)
It's okay though Auntie! Like every one says, the
best things come in small packages.

Joshua <3

I know it. I'm an odd sister. I grabbed his head and took a picture real quick.

This one I gave him a chance to smile.


My table buddy. We had the time visiting. <3

Bambi decided to have his Thanksgiving dinner with us.

Mr. Big Eyes. How I love this kid!
Auntie A and Uncle T came down for a visit, and cousin Kirsten stayed the two nights with us! I love this girl and it was nice seeing her again. First time since our (as she put it) "near death experience in New York". I enjoyed reminiscing about our time and laughing with someone who could actually picture what I was talking about! Come back real soon, please?
Sorry girlie. I just had to.

Random picture of our feet.

The things you can do with photo's today! Note our matching T's that state:
"I spent a year in New York one weekend"

This girl!

Finally got some snuggles from Kaaren Sue <3

Ever since flying to NH with cousin Shiloh, I couldn't get over how much my brother and him look and act alike. Seeing them side by side again confirmed it all the more! And I think they act even more alike. Their only 3 days apart in age so hey, they technically could be called twins? Right?

Now it's time for Christmas wrapping, lights upon the tree, and coffee in a mug.
How are you enjoying your Christmas time?


  1. Nice post. Christmas time is a comin' and I am loving it!! ( Just wish I could buy you kids something, and daddy too :/) BUT that being said, we have so many blessings and God has provided all we need! A warm home, food on the table and each other! <3

    1. oh and yes, Chancy and Shiloh do act and look a lot alike! :)

  2. Oh oh! I love these! Makes me wish I had a phone or something to take picture of my life! (I never realize how much I miss my camera until you post pictures and I'm like, I was there! But I didn't get any cool pictures like her! ;P)
    Chancy and Shiloh! Those boys are so much like twins it's crazy! When Shiloh stayed with us those three days this summer I told Kirsten I didn't know what I was gonna do and she was like, "I know! You'll have two Chancys wandering around!" ;D
    Loved the time we had with Kirsten. She's so cute. ;P
    And I never did get a picture with Kaaren... because SOMEONE wouldn't hand her over to me. *glares* ;P

  3. Fun fun! And you got some cute pictures! ;)

    1. Gotta admit, Kirsten took the ones of the boys! ;)