Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Memories


Growing up, Thanksgiving was almost as exciting as the coming of Christmas. It meant family gathering once again at Grandpa and Grandma's, with the counters piled high in steaming hot food that filled the air with delicious smells.
The grandkids would run eagerly in all directions, squealing and playing some sort of game. One of our favorites was "Cowboys and Indians".
Grandma would gather us close in hugs and kisses, and an Aunt or Uncle may occasionally chase us down for their share.
The adults would gather in the kitchen, bumping into one another as they prepared our family "Thanksgiving Dinner".
The family recipe of stuffing.
Candied yams.
Best Brown Bread.
Grandma's Prune Roll.
Sparkling Cider.
Pumpkin Pie.
Pickle platter.
Just to name a few of the traditional foods we prepare.
I remember snitching away Bouillon cubes to lick, as we sat on the stairs and watched the activity below.
Buttermilk is Grandpa's favorite and I'll never forget trying that sour stuff. *wrinkled nose*
Nope, still not for me. But I'll always cherish the memory of his mustache turning white as he'd smack his lips, rub his stomach, and state how delicious it was.
The burners were placed conveniently in the center of an open counter, making it easy to "taste" the gravy as you went along.  
When the meal was ready, we'd all be ushered to our make-shift tables around the house, and told to be seated and "please try to be quiet".
Grandpa would say grace, then the food would be dished up. We'd drink our cider eagerly, and place our olives on our fingers, pretending we were something else, besides ourselves.
Thanksgiving memories. Childhood days. Something I will cherish for the rest of my life.
As we grow older, it seems our family grows smaller.
Grandma is no longer there to welcome us with her laughing eyes and smiling lips. But the memory will always be stamped on my heart.
I thank God for my days as a young girl, and I pray someday I may have children to pass down traditions, and to share my love of family gatherings and precious times together.
All too soon, those days will be gone. Like the wind that blows the leaves across the land.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Awe what blessed times!!! Brought tears to my eyes...I sure do miss those days :( SO thankful for such awesome memories tho! AND we are making new memories that we will also cherish! I love you kiddo! <3

  2. Wonderful memories with family. We had a beautiful childhood. <3

  3. Brought back memories! And the FEEL of it all when I was little! :)