Friday, November 18, 2016

Month of November

Isn't "my" mountain beautiful?

  Is Thanksgiving truly just one week away? Where has the time gone? Surely Christmas time was just here, and yet, once again, that time of year is fast approaching.

I have been enjoying my Autumn season very much this year. More than I have in a long time. Each time I step outside, I am hit with a wave of chilly air and I just have to stop and smile. Nothing like a nip to refresh your being.

I thought I would just do a quick photo update on what happened in my life during the month of November (and end of October):

I, along with Marissa, did some babysitting for my Aunt and Uncle. As usual, I got lots of photo's with those cousins of mine and thoroughly enjoyed my time!
This year we have had some color. Nothing compared to the East Coast of course! But color just the same. I simply love this time of year! (How many times do I say that?)
At the end of October, us "young people" had a Fall Party. You should have seen the amount of food we had! You would think we were planning for 100 people!
I made Spicy Cheeseburger Soup for the first time, and though it wasn't seasoned near as well as I would like, it was a hit.
I was having a very bad day, emotionally, and was ready to crawl in a hole and die by the time it was nearing to leave for Kaysha's. I do not like dressing up, never have. I just don't like drawing attention to myself, I guess? I was nervous and had the hardest time coming up with something. When it finally came for my sweet sister (she did everyone's hair! My hero) to do me, it wasn't turning out. I was frustrated. She was frustrated. We gave up.
I threw my curled hair on the top of my head and went downstairs to make my soup. By that time I was near tears.
But as I started chopping, frying, and pouring I began to feel better. Later I told my Mom, "I was meant to be in the kitchen. Not in front of a mirror." Those words are still the truth. I have too high of an expectation for myself, and if I don't meet it, I become irritated and even depressed. So, I tend to lean away from that sort of thing. Though don't get me wrong! I do spend my fair share of time in front of the mirror. But I just do my usual thing every day. Nothing new and fancy.
The girls said I just had to dress up. Since my hair was thrown in a pile of curls with a scrunchy, and I wore a pair of leggings, they decided all I needed was my Grandpa's old button down shirt, and my Grandma's socks to complete the "90's look".
All in all, the night was fun!
It felt odd though. In my mind I am still sixteen. Surely we aren't old enough to be married with husbands and babies? My "baby" brother and cousins were laughing and joking and I couldn't believe how much we all have grown.
As I sat in my friends living room, her living room, and watched baby Noelle on the floor, I just shook my head in amazement. My how time flies.
Love this girl and her faces!
Me and my sisters refinished my Mom's dining room chairs. It was a lot of work sanding and painting but I enjoyed it! My first attempt at "refinishing" furniture.
They're not perfect, with paint drops here and there, but I am learning. Someday I want to try Chalk Paint.
For awhile there weather was bright, clear, and crisp. No rain. When it gets that way I always have the urge to go hiking. As I knew that wasn't possible, I decided instead a walk would do.
Me, Kaysha, Shanoah, and Noelle went walking twice at the nearby park and I loved it! It felt amazing to do something physical out in the fresh air. And the company wasn't bad either. *wink*
We haven't been able to go again but I hope to sometime! Before it starts to get really cold.
One morning when I woke up, it was too pretty outside. I had to walk again. So I asked my Mom if she wanted to walk to the small park down the road.
We went before we even had our morning coffee! *shocked face*
But it felt really good! And the sky was so pretty.

Last Sunday we joined the guys while they played disc golf. It was my first time seeing the game. Us gals just slowly followed behind, visiting. Again it was nice and cool and I loved it! Though at the end we started to get too cold. We hadn't planned to be outside and didn't bring warm jackets.
So we loaded up and headed to my house to hang out while the guys did one more round!
It was a nice change of pace.


Gotta love fall colors
 I recently quit my office cleaning job, but am still working weekly for Mollie. I've been getting more hours lately which has been nice!
Ever since quit my weekend job, I actually look forward to helping Mollie out. I never hated it but now I really enjoy it!
Spencer (who was born after I started coming) has gotten so big and he makes me laugh with his silly little stories.
Today I will be babysitting for a Mom for the first time. I am nervous and praying all goes well! I can relax, be happy, and that I can find the house okay. *wink*
Looking forward to Christmas! Though I have not been on top of my shopping! *panic* I need to get on it!
Have a wonderful weekend, ya'll!


  1. Enjoyed, sister. ;)
    Would it be alright if I used some of the pictures you took on Sunday, for my November post?
    Ever since my camera's battery died, I've been at a lost.
    But that Sunday, was AMAZING! I was just plain sick and tired of my everyday stuff. Doing the same old things every Sunday - so when Colten asked us to go along I was like, "YES!!!!!" And eating pizza in Fred Meyer's parking lot was a great change, too ;P
    I have been really enjoying this weather, too. Though I love rain, I love the cold, crisp falls. I know we'll the rain we need this winter. Hopefully. And if not, we've got plenty of snow on the mountains, so next summer shouldn't be another drought. ;D

    1. Yeah that's fine if you use them :) you could start carrying my camera around (with permission each time)... I don't use it much :)

  2. I'm sorry your hair didn't turn out. If it make you feel any better, mine didn't either. ;)
    I didn't feel very nice, but still enjoyed myself tons and the rest of the girls' hair was nice.
    I did have an awesome time Sunday, and I think, strange enough, I loved eating in the parking lot best. lol

    1. Your hair was lovely!
      And eating in the parking lot was a nice change :) I do have pictures of that! Forgot to post them


  4. I enjoyed our walk :) It was nice cold and crisp! And THANK YOU girls for redoing my chairs!! They look awesome! Enjoyed ALL the pictures! <3 oh and I also love Fall!

  5. Yes! We had such nice fall colors this year! :)
    And that Sunday was a nice change! Such a blessing to be out in the fresh air. (Even if it WAS COLD) ;) :)