Monday, November 14, 2016

Double the Love

Good morning world!

I have been in another one of my "moods" (I have those a lot) and I've found another list of baby names that just seem to "pop" in my mind.
I personally love combined names. Or, "double names". Their just so... something? I don't know what it is about them but I seem to always be attracted to names like Betty-Lou, JulieAnn, and Mary Ellen.
These are a few of my favorites!

1. CoraBeth

2. Emmylou

3. AuraLee

4. LilyDale

5. Sadie-Rose

6. AvaLynn

7. SaraKate

8. BeckyLee

9. Lindy-Jane

10. TildyMae

What style of names do you like?


  1. Cute! AvaLynn reminds me of Evelyn ;-) guess you know what names I like by my kids'names :-D

    1. That's true! It does sound like Evelyn! Didn't even think of that? Lol no wonder I thought it flowed so nicely!

    2. Hey! And Emmylou sounds similar to Emily! :D

  2. Love Sadie-Rose and Aura-Lee. Always said I wanted an Aura-Lee after hearing the old Civil War song. :D
    Mary-Lou is one I LOVE and hope to use no stealing! ;)
    Anna Mae is another one.
    I like old fashioned, elegant sounding names :)
    For girls, that is.
    For boys, I like old, rugged western names ;)

  3. out of these names, Sadie-Rose and AvaLynn popped out at me. Like Mindy said, I guess you know the type names I like by what I named you kiddos :p

  4. I like TildyMae. But I would like to use Tildy Marie someday. Marie being just a middle name. ;P
    I really don't know what style of names I like for girls.
    For boys I like the same as LaKaysha. ;)

  5. I really wanted to use Lillie-MaeforEmmeline since she was born May 1st, but hubby wouldn't let me...