Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Work In Progress

9 months. 35 weeks. 281 days.

That's how long I have been slowly but surely straightening my jawline and teeth. Some days it feels like I have had metal in my mouth for, well, forever. Other's, I can't believe I am already over halfway done.
My last appointment was on Monday. We did the usual photo's of my face, profile, and inside of my mouth. My doctor then took a look at the photo's, myself, then told me what key's to turn this month.
"Almost there."
Some days it feels like he has been saying those words for months! Which, I believe he has. *wink*
But he did tell me more recently that it seems to be going so well I may be done by the new year!
For me that is exciting because that would make it just over a year. Originally I was told over a year and a half before I'd be through. Praying it is so!

The movement is so slow that I didn't have a dramatic change over night where I seen improvement. But I know there is some. Especially when I look back at before photo's.

I know I can chew more easily. That is a big deal! I had a hard time breaking down my food (too much info?) before. Only two sets of back teeth on both sides used to touch. Being both my biting and chewing. Ripping food with my fingers before putting it in my mouth and then pressing it to the top of my mouth to "chew" was easier. I didn't realize I was different until my dentist told me so!

I think I grind my teeth less at night? Though I know I still do it, occasionally anyways. Really would like that to completely go away! Which I was told it should once my work is all done.

All in all, it is slowly coming along. I will be ever so thankful when it is all done and over with!
I would like to be "normal" in how my teeth will look, and the fact I don't have wire in my mouth.

Please don't mind my gross faces
The photo to the left was taken on my first day wearing the appliance. 
 It took about a week for my cheeks and teeth to adjust. I ate smoothies for the first while! My teeth ached so back and my cheeks bled. *shutter*
I still can't bite an apple with my front top teeth, they have a slight constant ache from being pulled downward, so I use my bottom teeth. Getting there though!

*shutter* that beaver smile! But you can definitely see how
my mouth is much more narrow compared to my sisters.  
August 2016
Can you see a difference?


  1. Yep! Especially the one of the inside of your mouth... But I've noticed many months ago a difference from the outside too :-)

  2. Wow! Looking at these pictures, I can see the difference. I never noticed before... maybe because I live with you? ;P

  3. Yes!! I can definitely tell! :D Coming all nicely!

  4. Looks awesome! I can totally see a difference :)

  5. I can definitely see a difference. And yes, Chase is cute! 😉 Shiloh has had his braces for over 2 years and is getting really tired of them.

    1. Oh, I bet! I think Jayda has had hers for at least 3 years? I am so thankful this is cutting time down!

  6. Looking very nice!!! I can see a big difference! We are SO very thankful that your mouth is getting taken care of! And SO thankful we heard about Dr Ravi from our dentist!! What a blessing it has been! :)