Thursday, September 15, 2016


We made it home from New York City in the wee hours of Monday morning. My flight home was scheduled for Wednesday, so I didn't have much time left on my vacation.
When we awoke (at about 8:30), Kirsten and I showered and headed out with Grandma for Mary's! We were going to lunch at a place called "The Pickity Place". An old house-turned restaurant tucked deep in the woods.
The food was different, but yummy! You are served several small courses and you only have a choice of entre and drink. They have a monthly menu! I got their Lavender Lemonade. amazing.

Also, they only serve a limited amount of people at three different times during the day, so you have to call and make reservations days to weeks in advance!

Waiting outside!

The crackers and cheese ball were delicious! I thought it was
frosting at first because the cheese was pink with a flower on top *wink*

First you get soup
Next we got a tomato cheese salad which I did not get a picture of!
I was too busy laughing at Kirsten as she cringed trying to choke it down!
The main meal! The veggie was cold and the noodles hard. Not
exactly my style! But the meatballs were delicious!
And cheesecake for dessert
After we finished eating, we wandered outside through their gift shop and stores. It was neat and I'd definitely go again! Especially when I'm feeling more awake.


After a quick stop at Mary's to drop her off, and some kisses for the twins, we headed back to Grandma's. Kirsten and I were exhausted and I had laundry to do before flying out.
When we got back we found Tyrel and Ryan sleeping in the living room. I put laundry going and joined Kirsten on the bed. We all slept for quite awhile! That trip wore us out!
Eventually though, we did wake up and sat in the living room, being lazy.
Lazy day. Left to right:
Shiloh, Kirsten, and I
 We ate supper and then us girls went to bed early. Too many upset nights of sleeping were settling in on us! Mary was dropping the twins off early in the morning while she brought the other two boys to school so we knew we'd want to be up by then.
There is nothing like crawling out of bed to make a cup of coffee and hearing little tiny voices talking.
We spent my last day just lazing around. I was really not wanting to go home and tried snuggling the twins as much as possible! I was going to miss them so much! *sniff*
Mary and Grandma ran to the store and left the twins with Kirsten and I . I got Cormick to sleep and on Grandma's bed. I tried and tried with Callen but he was not interested! Then after only about a fifteen minute nap, Cormick was awake wide eyed and all smiles. Oh well, they were too cute to care. We played with them, fed them blueberries (they LOVE blueberries), and tried to entertain Callen who is a Mama's boy and eventually got tired of our two faces.

That night Kirsten and I made Steak Fajita's for supper! Boy, they were yummy! I made the meat and Kirsten made home made salsa and guacamole. With all the works to go with it.
Uncle Amos' brother, Josiah, came for supper along with Danielle and DaNita. Afterwards Kirsten, Danielle, DaNita, Tyrel, Josiah, two of Josiah's friends, and I headed out to go hiking.
I was slightly skeptical at how this would go. I didn't know the other group of guys.
We climbed Mt. Wataic (spelling?) I believe it was called? It only took about thirty minutes to climb up! But it was steep and I did get tired. I'm also not used to the humidity and it made me slightly dizzy. Or, maybe I'm making that part up? *shrug*  
 When we reached the top it was too dark and foggy to see the view but! I still had a lot fun.
I'm glad I could go!
Heading back down, it was pitch black. But we all had flashlights (either phones or headlights) so we made it down alright. My shoes weren't the best for hiking though and I was always getting left in the dust!
It looks like Tyrel is rubbing Danielle's face! *wink*
Once we reached our cars, we headed back to Grandma's. The other two guys dropped Josiah off, left, and the rest of us headed inside.
Josiah left after a little while and it was just Kirsten, Tyrel, Danielle, and DaNita and I.
We stayed up later than usual because it was my last night there! I was sad and did not want to go home.

 Finally, it was time to head to bed. I was by this time thoroughly exhausted. I packed my suitcase and then crawled into bed.
The next morning I was up, showered, and packed my last minute things.
Mary came to see us off! It was so hard to say goodbye to her and those babies. *sniff sniff*

My time was blessed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am ready to go back any time now! I am so thankful I was able to do this trip.
I want to thank Auntie Amanda for buying the tickets for me
Shiloh for letting me fly with him. It wasn't that bad, was it?
Grandma and Grandpa for letting me stay with them for two weeks
Kirsten for letting me share the bed with her! Lol
Tyrel, Taylor, Ryan, Danielle, DaNita, and of course, Kirsten, for letting me come along to NYC
And Auntie Mary for all our chats and letting me help out with the babies!
Highlight of my time!
When we flew home, in our last few minutes in the air, I started to just relax. Then, Shiloh started poking my arm.
"Look at the mountain."
Dressed in a robe of white snow, shining pink from the slowly sinking sun, stood Mt. Hood. Tall, rugged, and beautiful.
Though New Hampshire will always be special to me,
"It's good to be home."


  1. SO very thankful God blessed your trip!!! He is SO good always! And yes, its always good to be home!! And I do have to say.. the PNW is beautiful!!!

  2. Awww! I just loved this post! :D
    (there is nothing like the mountain from the air <3 )

  3. Nothing says home like the Mountains... <3
    I'm glad you had so much fun, but glad you are home :D

  4. You're very welcome, ready for a trip next year? ;) and I don't think Shiloh thought it was bad. I'm so glad you got to go and have fun, and your NYC trip? I think it's neat that you got to get to know your other cousins too! Pickety Place, I've only been there once and that was a memorable day for us ladies, I even blogged about it way back when! Everything pretty much went wrong that day, but it was fun! Now if only we could get all of the NH family to come visit us!

  5. Sounds like a blessed end to a blessed trip. :)