Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Did you know?

Hey everyone! Did you know...

I have a total of 65  first cousins, and, at age 20, 63 of them are younger then myself?

As well as an aunt who is also 3 months younger?

I have a strange obsession for anything in that beautiful robin's egg blue? As well as turquoise?
Furniture, dishes, rugs, light fixtures, you name it! If it's that color, I love it.

I don't like chocolate. Except I will randomly have a brownie craving?

I have this thing against corn? Just the sight... *shutter*

I don't like "party pizza's"?

I have a problem with sitting still? I get anxious if I'm not constantly doing something. Weather its cleaning, doing the dishes, walking, or playing with babies.

My favorite bedtime snack is Ritz with melted cheese and a dab of mustard?

I have never gone bowling? I've never even been inside a bowling ally.

I love the sound of elk bugling? and I hope to someday hear one in person.

I hate the smell and taste of licorice?

The sight of blood, scrapes or scratches cause me to get shivers up and down my spin and my head spins slightly?

I have this thing for Pioneer Woman dishware? A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

I loved Peter Pan as a little girl? Oh how I wanted him to take me to Neverland.

I hate high-waisted, anything? Pants, skirts? I don't even like belts around my waist.

I enjoy chopping wood?

Did you learn anything new today?


  1. Well, Sister Dear, I knew most of this - seeing as you are my sister - but I'm not sure if I knew about you getting dizzy from blood. I do that too, though I didn't realize it till recently. ;)

  2. Hmmm...I think some of this I "kind of" knew. Like the one about corn. When I read it, I had a vague memory of you mentioning it once...then again, maybe that was something else we were talking about... ;)

    1. Lol I'm sure I have mentioned it to you! I seem to let everyone know about it ;) and I think I have even mentioned it on the blog before

  3. Knew it all... ;) that's what's so different about us. I LOVE high-waisted anything. Someday I'm getting a pair of retro high-waisted sailor pants.
    And I LOVE Peter Pan. *sigh*

  4. I think I knew all this, just didn't register how many cousins you had under you :D

  5. The sound of Elks bugling in real life is so beautiful! We used to drive up to a place we knew the elk hung out when we lived in Baker City and listen to them.