Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clark's Trading Post

Early Saturday morning, three days after Shiloh and I flew in, we loaded up and headed out for the White Mountains and Clark's Trading Post.
Along the way we met up with Amos & Mary,  and Amos' younger brother, Josiah.

Clark's Trading Post is full of fun things and the entire time I kept thinking:

"Liberty would love this!"

They have bear shows, Chinese Acrobats, museums, a train ride through "Wolf Man's territory" and a few rides: "The Anaconda Escape" (a water slide), bumper boats, and a rock climbing... rock.

The first thing we watched was the Chinese acrobats. We watched them twirl tables and large vases on their feet, dance with flaming sticks of fire, stretch in inhumanly positions, and do amazing balancing!
After that we walked the streets, and wandered through a museum.

Then we came to the huge water slide! It was way too large for my liking! The two younger boys were so excited to go down it though. They went several times, actually! I think everyone went down at least once except Grandma, Josiah, me, and of course, the twins.
I have this fear of moving too quickly and out of my control. Like water slides (which is also dark inside!) and even being pushed on a swing. I can sit and swing myself but if someone comes to push me I literally almost pass out. Go figure?

"The Anaconda Escape"
Auntie and Cormick
Grandpa and Callen waiting at the exit to get pictures
 Breein and Shiloh
Rowan and Amos
Breein and Mary
We could hear Mary squealing the whole way down!
It was funny *chuckle*
Eventually we all went and got on the train that takes you through Wolf Man's territory. He chases the train shouting insults and drives a beat up old car. Tries to even "blow up" the train with his giant bomb that of course, does not go off.
The younger boys found it neat! Though Rowan did have a slight look of concern the entire time. *wink*

These little guys were so tired and hot!
They also had other attractions like the big rock you could climb and the "crooked house". I have to say, I got dizzy in that house!
The crooked house

Watching the bear show

Callen and Cormick

Grandpa giving the littles some water
while resting in the shade

It was a fun day and I would love to go back again!  
We stopped on the way home and ate at a neat old diner.
Daminika, you would have loved it!
The twins were getting crabby, and who can blame them? They had to sit in a stroller or be held all day long. So, Grandma and I took them outside and let them play in the trunk of the car while Mama finished her supper.

Hope you enjoyed coming along!


  1. Neat pictures! Sounds like a lot of fun! Those boys just tug at my heartstrings! <3

  2. Sounds like a blast!! =D
    ohh!!!! I want to go to the diner!!!!! ;P
    And those twins! Eeee!! <3

  3. Aww, brings back lots of memories!

  4. Haha! Liberty showed me all these pictures when I was at your house last Friday. ;) She said you wouldn't care...but I wasn't so sure...I'm so glad you enjoyed your time there! :D

    1. Lol no that's fine! I don't care! ;) thank you!