Friday, August 5, 2016

My Life in July

Have you ever felt like your life is on fast forward? Or, your moving ninety miles an hour and getting no where? Somewhat like a treadmill. Your feet are moving but the scenery never changes.

That's a little like what I've been feeling lately! Every week I am busy day in and day out and yet if I try and look forward to the future I see no change in sight. Sometimes I can get a little tired, though honestly I feel the most content I have in years.
I clean quite often in my life. Still for Mollie, the office, and occasionally for Mollie's sister Jodi.

This past week I cleaned or babysat every day. Monday, the office. Tuesday, Jodi's, Wednesday, babysat Bransen and Spencer, Thursday, Mollie's. Today we'll be home cleaning and tonight back down to the office.

It was a busy week but honestly I enjoyed it for the most part! I love being able to help Mom's out and making them happy. Even if it's just wiping the counters down and scrubbing the tub.

Just last night I was offered a couple more cleaning jobs! If that works out I may be cleaning up to five separate places. (Though the new jobs wouldn't be weekly. More like every three weeks.)

I'm also in need of extra cash because I have taken a very big step (for me) in my life and am flying to New Hampshire with a cousin at the end of this month! I am super nervous but also very excited.
I've been talking about flying out there for years now but never had the money or dare to actually do it.
Auntie Mary had her twin boys almost a year ago and I have yet to meet them. I was missing family and feeling a little down for awhile there and needed a change. I started talking about maybe flying out there but really didn't want to fly alone since it will be my first time ever flying without my parents.
"If it's meant to be something will turn up." my Mom had said. So I just sat back and waited.
While visiting family in Tri-Cities I found out my younger cousin was also looking into tickets but Mama was nervous about him flying alone. And now here I am! Ticket's bought and flight scheduled for the 24th of August!

Another large step is, while I am in NH I'll also be visiting New York City! A group of cousins were going and I got invited to tag along. We'll be seeing  a Broadway show so that is also why I need the extra money!

Some days I can't believe I'm doing this. The old me would have rather crawled in a hole than travel without my parents. But I am and looking forward to it!
Please pray I have a blessed trip and we all stay safe while in New York!

Last Saturday (on Auntie Mete's 20th birthday) Nissa and Ethan said "I do". It was a beautiful wedding at her parents house and lets just say I did feel a little emotional!
I don't know why but it was harder for me to see her get married even over Kaysha? It could be because I was so busy helping behind the scene's in hers I didn't have time to get sad?
Also with Nissa, I know she may be moving to Michigan in a year and I won't be seeing her again. At least for a good long time.
It felt strange to pull into the fields and park where me and her used to play.
She absolutely radiated!

Marita and I did her flowers and I loved it! It was a lot of work but I enjoyed it and was happy to be able to be a part of Nissa's big day. Even if it was a small behind the scene thing.

It took us six hours to make the corsages, wrist corsages, and boutonnieres! Those were the hardest.
It only took us two hours Saturday morning to do the bouquets.

Well, there you have it! A little update on what is going on my busy, boring life.

We took a trip to Tri-Cities for the weekend, as I have mentioned. Most of these photos are from that trip.

On the road.

We got to meet baby Kaaren!

This kid is so cute!

Morning sun! My favorite
Morning snuggles. I think I'd keep her if Auntie would let me.

Our snazzy driver!
Kirsten took us to a fifties diner. Despite the hot temps
and no AC in the jeep, I enjoyed it!

What can beat Huckleberry Ice Cream?
I love the drive to and from Tri-Cities!

Marita doing what she does!
Nissa's bouquet
The bridesmaids
She had mini bouquet's for the flower girls!
A single bridesmaid bouquet
The throw bouquet


  1. :) That ice cream looks so good! :)

  2. You are taking some big steps and this mama is too ;) In having you go :D Praying your time is blessed and safe! I love you!.. Enjoyed your update :)

  3. Just so everyone knows; that picture of me, Felicity, and Liberty in our van, was taken for my aunt Mary - I dont ALWAYS look that weird. But I do, for Auntie ;P

    It was an amazing month, wasn't it? ;)

  4. Enjoyed reading this! I am excited for your trip, and thankful that you are flying with my boy! :) Praying you have a blessed time in your adventure!