Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Baby Girl Names I Love

Ok, so I love baby names. I can't wait to hear what an expecting couple chooses for their baby and always ponder, "would I use that?".
In fact, I love naming, anything! Whenever we had kittens it was so fun to sit and think of what to name each one. I always chose names that you wouldn't usually hear on an animal like "Sapphire", "Dixie", "Hattie", and "Winnie" just to name a few. (though I always had help choosing the names!)
When Daminika was a year old (making me four) she received a stuffed donkey for her birthday. I named him "Cinnamon" for her and "Cinnamon" he still is!
Liberty also has a stuffed cow/goat (whichever you choose to call it! I was in a hurry, looking for a goat, and grabbed this. Once I got home I realized it was a cow but hey! We can pretend!) which I also helped name. She's now known as "Penelope".
When I was young I would write "books" and my favorite part was naming all the characters.
I thought it would be fun to write down ten names or so for girls that I love!
I won't list what I consider "my" baby names because I would prefer they didn't get used, but these are some I could consider using.

For girls I love anything old, elegant, rare, feminine and pretty. I want names that people have long since stopped (or almost stopped) using but are still a gem to me.

1. Luana
Now "Luana" I do have on "my" baby name list but it is not one of my very top that I have picked out. It is pronounced "Lou-Ah-nuh" and I first heard it from an old actress.
Luana means - Graceful
(I mean, doesn't the name itself just sound graceful?)

2. Alice
I think "Alice" is so pretty. It's simple but very sweet. Some people may think of "Alice in Wonderland" but for me I first heard it from the old movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and have always liked it.
Alice means - Of A Noble Kin

3. Beulah
This is actually a word usually used when talking of Heaven or paradise. (My name is a word too! So that may be why I like this one so much). There is even a song titled "Beulah Land".
I think it would make such a pretty little girls name! It is pronounced "B-you-lah"
In Hebrew Beulah means - Married

4. June
June is a common sounding name though it actually is rarely used anymore. It peaked in the 1920's as a hit but has since than gone down. It is, however, used as a nickname today for names such as "Juno" and "Juniper".
I think it's very elegant and cute. I also love the nickname "Junie".
June is a form of the mythical Latin goddess "Juno", who was known as the "goddess of marriage".
Today June is said to mean - Born in June

5. Esme
Now this one is a little different than my usual type of names. Pronounced "Ez-me" it is actually quite popular today! I love that it's short, unique, and elegant. Wouldn't it so pretty for a baby girl like "Esme Mae" or even "Esme Jane"?
Esme means - Love or Loved

6. Katherine
This name. *Sigh*. A name I have always loved, wanted, and thought to be the prettiest of all names. For the longest time I wanted "Katherine Marie" and still would love to! But I know others who also want it and I personally do not want to name my kids anything that I know someone else has. I want something special and different! But, we shall see?
Katherine has always been very popular starting as far back as the 1880's.
A nickname I also love for Katherine is "Kate". I even considered "Kate" as a first name for "my list."
Though I think "Katy" is pretty, I prefer just plain Kate.
Katherine means - Pure

7. Harriet
Harriet is also a name that peaked in the 1880's but is rarely used today. Which is fine by me!
I think it's so pretty, and it even looks elegant.
Nicknames I have heard for Harriet and also love are "Hattie" and "Hettie".
Harriet means - Ruler of the Home or Home Ruler

8. Jane
Yes, I have an aunt named Jane, but I can't help it! I love this name so much I might have to use it!
A feminine form of John, Jane was most popular during the 1940's. I also love "Jane" for a middle name, probably just as much as a first!
A nickname I love for it as well is "Janie". I've even heard of babies having "Janie" as their first name.
Jane means - God is Gracious

9. Julia
Julia. Just the name makes me think of dainty, soft, pretty things. It was most popular during the 1880's but is not so popular today. I fell in love with the name from watching "Summer Magic".
Julia means - Youth

10. Matilda
Now this name I have heard both negative and positive thoughts on. Some find it "the ugliest name ever" and some "pretty and old-fashioned." For me, I find it very pretty! Though, sadly, I know someone who has a little girl named Matilda. So, I personally wouldn't want to use it. But if I didn't it would be on my list!
Also another name popular during the 1880's, a nickname I would use for it would be "Tildy".
Matilda means - Might/Power

Well, there you have it! Some baby girl names I love! One of these days I'll do a list of boys.
What kind do you like?


  1. Of the names you have on here, I'd probably have to say that I like Matilda and Julia best. I've never heard of Luana before, but it does sound pretty. :)

  2. names from this list I like best are, Luana and Beulah :) As you can tell I like names that most wouldn't think of but are pretty :)

  3. Luana and Alice have been on my lists for my girls names when I've been pregnant!! Pretty! AND..I love Katherine and I would love Kathleen as a first name(Mikayla's middle name).However I wouldn't want her to be Kathy because I LOVE Kathleen!!! I have a SIL named Katherine known as Katie or Kate so can't really use that. I wanted to name Heather Heidi(LOVE the unabridged story of Heidi) but know to many Heidi's ;)

  4. I LOVE Julia, Beulah, and Luana, and would use them for my girls in a heartbeat, but since you called them first... :( I love elegant names like Lydia, Eleanor, or Maria. I plan on using those ones, by the way. ;)

  5. awwwwww!! you like my name?!?! I was shocked to see that on the list, cause you're right..it really isn't popular right now :P


    1. Yes! I have always loved the name! :) My name isn't very popular either ;)