Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Baby Boy Names I Love

Boys. Boy names are a lot harder for me to find that just go "Oh! I like that!". I'm not sure why? I suppose because most boy names I like have already been used in my family: Jonathan, Caleb, Casey, Nolan, Laban, Tyrel, Marcus, Josiah, Jubal, Chancy, and Clint, just to name a few! I will try and see if I can find some that are not in my immediate family!
For boys I prefer Biblical or Western names. Which, sadly, are more of a popular type.
(as I mentioned with my girl name list, I want names that are not very common).
I have two boy names picked out that I LOVE but won't be sharing on here! They are for me to know and for you to find out (hopefully, someday LOL).
I'm not sure I would actually use any of these names for myself but I like them still just the same!

1. Adam  
The name Adam has been around since the beginning of time (literally!) but is actually not as common as names like John or Jacob.
I have a great-Uncle by this name and have heard of a few others but I still feel I could use it someday if I wanted.
I think it's quite the masculine kind of name!
Adam means - Man or Of the Earth

2. William
William sounds manly and wise. It was most popular during the 1880's and though it is not as big of a hit today, it is still used.
Nicknames I love for it are "Willie" and "Will". But I am not a fan of the nickname (or name for that matter) Liam.
William means - Strong Willed Warrior

3. Tell
Tell came from a Louis L'Amour character who is ironically named "William Tell". (I know that name is also a man who is a legend in Scotland I believe?) But in the book the character goes by his middle name "Tell". I think it sounds like a quite humble cowboy.
This name is not used very often at all, like ever!
I couldn't find the meaning of the name "Tell" but "Telly"
(which I would never call my son!) means - Best

4. Orrin 
Also another Louis L'Amour character, Orrin is the brother of Tell! This is a old name and is even in the Bible. Although, I believe the spelling is "Oren". I prefer the way Louis L'Amour uses it.
Orrin means - Fair/Pale

5. Everett
Everett has also been used in my family though not as a first name. Now this one I would use!
I wouldn't want it shortened to "Ever" or "Rett" though. Everett is much nicer!
Everett means - Wild boar

6. David
David. A popular name all the way around though most popular during the 1950's.
David is one of the most recognized people of the Bible. With other famous men having his name.
My favorite being David "Davy" Crockett! If I used this name I would call him "Davy" occasionally because I think that name is just as handsome.
David means - Beloved

7. Jedidiah
Jedidiah sounds like a rough and tough mountain man to me! Maybe because there was a mountain man named Jedidiah Smith? It's also been used for hundreds of years but it's actual peak surprisingly was in 2012.
Jedidiah means - Beloved of Jehovah

8. Joseph
Joseph sounds like a good strong name! I'm not a fan of these popular names today that just sound a little "wimpy".
 Joseph means - God shall add

9. Ephraim
This name can be pronounced two separate ways. I've seen a movie where it is pronounced with the long "E" and another where it was pronounced with the short. I myself prefer the long "E" sound.
Ephraim means - Very fruitful

10. Tucket
This is probably the most different from my style of names. I like how it sounds like a pioneer boy or something!  In fact I got it from the book series about "Francis Tucket". A young boy who is kidnapped by Indians during the Oregon Trail days and has many adventures while making his way back home.
I can't find any meanings to this name. People seem to think it doesn't exist!

Well, there are a few boy names I like. What style do you prefer?


  1. I really like Tell, Orrin and Tucket :)

  2. I love them all! I would name my boys with any of them, except maybe not Ephraim? I really like Adam and Joseph ;)

  3. I'm not sure I would use any of them! But that's not saying I don't like them! :) Probably the most likely would be William or Ephraim.

  4. Cute names... After six boys I've relaxed a lot in my requirements for baby names ;-)

  5. I like William!! I wanted to use it before and call the boy Willie, but my hubby said, " NO!" Of all the things in life he is picky about our kids names:).I also asked to use Caleb,like every time, until Mindy used it,lol. Mike doesn't want it cause he has cousins with that name.