Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wait I say on the LORD

Hey everyone. I've been somewhat quiet on the blog lately if you couldn't tell!

I have been going through some of my own personal struggles the past few weeks and have not been in much of the mood to do any blogging. Life kind of went on hold and I was just breathing day in and day out. I even stopped dreaming on Pinterest! (I used to go on there daily dreaming about my wedding and home)
The past few days have been better and I have been going on there more. It feels good. I now browse ideas for my dear friends bedroom that she is slowly trying to decorate. I love the bedding her and her hubby recently bought! It's so soft and feminine! (That was a random fact, eh?)

My parents and two youngest siblings went to Texas for ten days so it was just me and the two sisters at home! It was nice but I missed them and am thankful they are all safely back home!
It feels like we were busy the whole time they were gone and yet I don't know what we even did? I did my regular work of cleaning and folding clothes at Mollie's and we went to church on Sunday. I also babysat over night for my aunt with two other aunts on the weekend! Maybe that's why it felt busier?
The babysitting went well! It was our first time watching Abigail over night so I was a little nervous. Abi did awesome for us though and for that I am very thankful!

Just a few pictures from babysitting! I actually didn't take near as many as I usually do.

These two pictures are from Sunday!
A few things I learned the past week or so:

To be more open with my emotions and feelings to myself, and others. And to not be ashamed of them.

I have people who care all around me with listening ears and open arms.

God sometimes allows a door to be opened just to let you know it should be closed.

The sun will come out tomorrow.
"The sun'll come out tomorrow. So ya gotta hang on 'till tomorrow."

I may feel alone but I never truly am.
"When my steps are lost and desperate for a guide, I can feel His touch, a soothing presence by my side. Alone, yet not alone.Not forsaken when on my own. I can lean upon His arm, and be lifted up from harm. If I stumble, or if I'm thrown, I'm alone, yet not alone."

God knows best. His plan is perfect.

All we need in life is Jesus. All else is a blessing to be taken humbly and thankfully.

Take the world but give me Jesus. You're the treasure in this life. Take the world but give me Jesus is my cry. Now I've seen you as the Saviour I will leave the rest behind.Take the world but give me Jesus is my cry."

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart : wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalm 27:14


  1. Amen! Thanks again for babysitting!! It was a blessing to us!

    1. Your very welcome! :) Love helping out!

  2. you made your mama cry :p very good post and Yes, God loves YOU! :) And so does your mommy and daddy! :)

  3. Glad you are feeling better, it's no fun being down! He makes all things beautiful, in His time!