Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Down the Sentimenal Trail

This morning I have been remembering all the little things that bring you back. Sweep you away into a world you once lived, but have forgotten. Give you that "tickle belly" and make you all warm inside. I thought it would be fun to write down some stories, sounds, smells, anything that are sentimental to me. Just silly randomness about my personal self!

Cigarettes and Coffee
Now that's a funny thing to be sentimental about, isn't it? But the smell of those two all mingled together really does bring me back to my childhood.
As a little girl, from as far back as I can remember, I spent much of my life at my Great- Aunt and Uncle's house. Auntie smoked and drank coffee while sitting on her front porch and I remember always telling her "You smell like Grandma."
My Grandma S. lives 3,000 miles away so I didn't get to see her as much as her sister, but they both had the same smell. I don't smoke and probably never will, but the smell brings me back through the years!

Mmm... have you ever smelt the air when a breeze sweeps through the Lilac tree's? You can almost taste the sweetness on your tongue! Grandma W. had beautiful Lilac tree's in what we called "the Jungle". A center section in the driveway of plants. I loved to pick those beautiful purple flowers and rush to share them with Grandma or Mommy!

Grandma also had a patch of Periwinkle growing along the railings outside their house. We used to pick handfuls of those pretty little things. I still love the sight of them and they will always remind me of Grandma.

Yes, the smell of gasoline. We used to spend much of our time at the Ranch on four wheeler's and I did my fair share of putting gas into them! Whenever I smell it I say, "Mm... smells like the Ranch."

Diesel Pick-Ups
Grandpa had a green diesel pick-up that was very loud to my little ears! The sound of them running also remind me of the Ranch.

Four Wheelers
Yep, also another Ranch memory! The sound of four wheeler's running is a lovely sound. But did we ever get impatient sitting on those things waiting for the adults to take us on a long ride through the mountains!

Guitar strumming
Back when I was real young, my Uncle Casey used to strum on the guitar while everyone sat around and visited. People would be talking, kids laughing, and everything was loud and happy.
I remember spending time at my Uncle Tim's house and him and Uncle Casey would strum a little too. Sometimes a cousin would join in.
Great-Uncle O'Neil also used to play and sing!
Whenever I hear that gentle quiet guitar, I'm brought back to when I was "knee high to a grasshopper". I loved curling up on the couch with my head in someone's lap and falling asleep to music and laughter.

Banana Bread
Mommy didn't like making banana bread, so she always did Zucchini. But Banana bread was (and still is!) my ultimate favorite.
Grandma used to make it and I loved when she'd let me have a slice all warm from the oven. Butter melting down the sides.
I remember Auntie Marita calling our house just up the hill and telling me there was Banana bread made. She brought me up a slice to share with her.
"You want butter on yours, right?"

Roast and Potatoes
In our family, roast and potatoes are all you really need to be happy in life!
I still love the smell of a roast in the oven, slowly cooking all day.
I remember Mommy would put one going on Sunday morning. I couldn't wait to get home from church! The house would be all warm and smell delicious. And it didn't taste too bad going into hungry mouths either!

Mommy and Daddy reading
I can't remember the first time my Mom read out loud to me from "Little House in the Big Woods". She just always has. I still love listening to Laura's story be read aloud.
The first book I remember my Dad reading aloud to me was "Down the Long Hills" by Louis L'Amour. Other's he would go on to read were the "Little Britches" books, and "Indian in the Cupboard" series.

Charley Pride
For as long as I can remember, we had an old country CD of Charley Pride. I remember listening to it on the road. His voice reminds me of being young!

Shall we gather at the River? - Hymn
I absolutely love the old Hymns. They're uplifting and beautiful. But I have a few special ones. For some reason, "Shall we gather at the River" is the one that brings me back the most! I remember listening to my Uncle Casey sing it on a CD we had. We also had it by Andy Griffith!
I can still see one exact moment headed to the Ranch. Listening to Casey and watching the Columbia River flash by.

The Shadow Riders
Yes, call me strange, but that good ole movie just takes me back. I can't remember the first time I watched it, I just know I always loved it.
To this day the sound of Tom Selleck's voice just makes me feel young again.
Anyone who knows me, can tell you I also have my "favorite part". A moment where it shows scene's of the characters "Mack" and "Dal" riding home from the war and a fiddle is playing! I get goose bumps just thinking about it. That music is what really is sentimental to me! You've got to hear it someday.

The Man from Snowy River
Yes, also another movie, this one's soundtrack makes me all warm inside. We used to LOVE this movie and LaKaysha's hero was the main character. She used to ride her little pink trike, pretend to be throwing a whip, and insist she was "Jim Craig".
I still listen to the theme song and other songs that are played through out this film.

Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier!
Now, what can I say about Davy? My first hero, my first love. I was his biggest fan!
I wanted to be just like him and could watch his movies all day long! I still enjoy them and anything to do with him.

Who doesn't love ole Pooh Bear? I was obsessed when I was young and wanted anything to do with "Pooh". My favorite dress was a soft silky purple one that had images of Pooh scattered all over it.
Whenever I hear "Deep in the Hundred-Acre Woods, where Christopher Robin plays..." I almost melt. My very favorite's are the first "original" Pooh films and just have to smile when I hear that little voice "Oh, stuff and fluff."

Bath Time
Say, what? Bath time? Now that's a weird thing to be all sentimental about!
But no matter what, I am.
I still love when little's get their baths. All clean and soft into their pajama's. Smelling of soap and hair combed straight back.
Bath time was the highlight of my life as a little girl! I wanted to spend hours playing in the tub! My Mom would lay a towel down so we didn't soak the floor, and I would carry a stack of "little golden books" into the bathroom for her to read to us while we played with our foam stickers.
The water would be scorching hot and it would take a bit for us to finally get in.
Grandma used to give me baths too, so maybe that's why they seem so special to me. She'd gently wash my hair and say "Scrub, a dub, dub, three men in a tub" and play with my toes rhyming
"This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had none. And this little piggy cried wee, wee, wee all the way home!"


  1. Aww making me all sad...:( lots of the same things for me...good memories! <3

  2. awe...brings tears to my eyes! What sweet memories! :)

  3. Yes, blessed, sweet memories!

  4. Awww, you are blessed! You've had a lovely childhood!

  5. You make it seem like it was just yesterday... :)

  6. Sweet, sweet, memories.... makes me sad and happy, and lonely all at the same time. :)