Wednesday, July 20, 2016

By The Book Tag

I was tagged by Marita at When I Hear Music for the "by the book" tag, so here it goes.

What Book Is On Your Nightstand Now?
Well, I don't have a nightstand at this moment in my life, though I do have a dresser! It actually does have a book on it, surprisingly! I've been meaning to put it away.
"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.
I started reading this a few months ago for the first time and never completed it. I haven't been doing much reading lately!

What Was the Last Truly Great Book You Read?
Oh boy! The last "truly great book" I have read? Well as I said above, its been a long time since I sat down and enjoyed a book! I am not sure what I would consider great that I read more recent?
I guess the last book I finished and really enjoyed was probably "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.
I was trying to get into the habit of reading the classics for awhile there, if you can't tell!
Though at times I would be like "huh?" and not have a clue what was going on in the chapter, I still enjoyed it. The story line is somewhat "iffy" (I mean come on! What kind of husband locks his mentally deranged wife in the attic and is willing to marry a governess who is twenty years his senor with a clean conscious?) but all in all a good read! Some parts were "okay, your weird" but, it was interesting.

I guess I could add another book I recently finished was "Bendigo Shafter" by Louis L'Amour. I've read it dozens of times but I still love it! I would even consider it greater than "Jane Eyre" (by far!). But since I have read it so many times and "Jane Eyre" was my first time, I listed it first.
"Bendigo Shafter" really is a great book and I will be reading it dozens of more times in the years to come!

If You Could Meet Any Writer - Dead or Alive - Who Would It Be? And What Would You Want To Know?
Definitely without question, Laura Ingalls Wilder! I would love to hear first hand her accounts of growing up on the American prairie, what Pa's fiddle really sounded like, and how good those heart shaped cakes really tasted.  And much more!

What Books Might We Be Surprised to Find On Your Shelves?
Hm... you'd probably be better at answering this than myself? Maybe the "Boxcar Children" series by Gertrude Chandler Warner. I have dozens of those! I don't read them anymore but I loved them when I was younger.


One more you might find surprising could be "The Journal's of Lewis and Clark" while they traveled with the Corpse of Discovery. Yes, I have read it and yes, I enjoyed it! I have a soft spot for those two men.
How Do You Organize Your Personal Library?
Well sadly my books have been packed in a box for over nine months! I miss them! But when I did have them on shelves it was my "romance" starting with the Love Comes Softly series. Next would probably be my "history" style books like bio's and journals. Then last would be my children books.
What Book Have You Always Meant to Read But Haven't Got Around Yet?
"Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo. (Though I wouldn't say "always". I hadn't heard of it until last year! But I have been meaning to ever since.) I received it for Christmas from a friend and though I tried to read it once I never even finished the first chapter. It's just so big! And so... confusing.
Anything You Feel Embarrassed Never to Have Read? 
Maybe "Sherlock Holmes" Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? I wouldn't say I am "embarrassed" but since many in my family have read them and loved them you might be surprised I haven't! I don't even know why? Maybe that will be next on my list.
Disappointing, Overrated, Just Not Good: What Book Did You Feel You Are Supposed to Like But Didn't?
Probably "Stepping Heavenward" by Elizabeth Prentiss. (Sorry Marita!). I just didn't like it! But like I said to her, maybe I need to sit down with a different mind set? I read it thinking it would be an entertaining story. Instead it depressed me beyond anything. I couldn't handle it anymore and never did finish it.
Another would be the "Elsie Dinsmore" series by Martha Finley. (Sorry to those who like those books! I know many who do! Each to their own, right?) I read only one (Elsie's Impossible Choice) for a school project and it scarred me for life! I was eleven years old. Maybe it was because my Grandma had died just a few months before? I don't know, but all I remember is wanting to just vanish from the earth. I hid under my teachers desk and thought my heart would burst from holding the sobs back. I remember vowing to myself "Never, ever again!" I refused to even look at those books after that. It's been nine years now and I have yet to even hold another one in my hand.
Just looking at the cover below brings back those awful feelings and makes me shutter... it's really strange I know!
I have come to the conclusion that your circumstances in life have a great deal in your book enjoyment!
Do You Remember the Last Book You Put Down Without Finishing?
As I said at the beginning of this post, that would be "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. It wasn't because I wasn't enjoying it. In fact, I was very much! But life got busy and it's just one of those books you can't easily jump back into. It's written in a rather old way and can be hard to understand at times.
What Kind Of Stories Are You Drawn To? Any You Stay Clear Of?
Drawn to? Hm... probably anything during the pioneer era. I think I got that love from my Mom. I actually even went through a time where I thought that's all anyone read! Until someone pointed out that was all the kind of books we owned. I was like "Isn't that all anyone reads?"
Or any of the classics like the "Anne of Green Gables" series by L.M. Montgomery, "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott, and the "Little House" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I also enjoy books based in the Amish!  
Stay clear of? Like Marita said, anything that has something against God's Word.
Also, modern day romances, vampire books, or anything modern really. I've never been into books that place in "today". I also have never been too interested in anything medieval or swords. Not sure why! Maybe because I grew up with Laura and Louis L'Amour's? When the hero picks up a sword and wears tin rather than a Winchester and cowboy boots I'm just like "nope. Not for me."
If You Could Require The President to Read One Book, What Would It Be?
Hands down, the Bible!!
What Do You Plan to Read Next?
I've been wanting to re-read "Pioneer Girl" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Maybe I'll change my priorities one of these days and start reading again!
  Well, there you have it! My "by the book tag". Hope you enjoyed it!
I tag Daminika at Walking in the Sonshine


  1. Loving these posts! :) I've never heard of several of the books you and Marita mentioned.

  2. enjoying these posts too:)

  3. Yay! I'm tagged!!! :D :P I enjoyed this post! but, funny, I've never read any of the books you've mentioned!! haha! =D
    I don't read much, so let's see how interesting my post is! ;P

  4. I loved Jane Eyre when I read it! Been years now... Bendigo Shafter was one of the first Louis L'Amour books I ever read. I just don't know about you and Stepping Heavenward... I absolutely LOVED it. I loved watching God work in her...I know it is just a fake story, but I related to her in every way...sigh... :P

    1. Bendigo Shafter was my first too! Haha and I don't get you and that book! ;) Like I said I just thought it was a story and the girl was constantly changing her mind and every single person died! I found out I have a hard time with books that people die like that? In Jane Eyre when her friend dies I nearly broke and wouldn't pick it up for months until I could get through it again!

  5. I never read Jane Eyre, little women, pride and prejudice, Anne of Green gables, etc.. only watched the movies. Sad.

    1. And Jane Eyre scarred me and Joey... lol... was way too sad and mixed up, and the end (of the movie) was hardly a comfort since he was BLIND when Jane came back to him after his wife died!! It was a very well done movie (having never read the book), but sad. Not sure about decency of all versions of the movie since I think there are a few.

    2. "Little Women" is really good and I think even younger kids could enjoy it! But my Mom might disagree ;) I own the unabridged and have read it several times through! The Anne of Green Gables' books are also really, really good! My favorite is actually the last "Rilla of Ingalside" which is about Anne and Gilbert's youngest daughter. I've watched a few versions of "Jane Eyre" and yes they all scared me! The book does have a "dark" feeling to it but I guess it was easier to get through over the movies? Like I said it was just somewhat different... but I enjoyed reading it for some reason LOL

    3. Interesting to see everyone different opinions etc on books!

  6. This was interesting to read! Neat to see what everyone likes in books.