Thursday, May 26, 2016

Living Life As I Do

Hello everyone! Figured it has been awhile since I've done a "life update", so here it goes. Please try not to yawn to much.

So, what have I been up to? Lets see... I scrubbed a toilet. Oh yes, and another one. I believe also another one? Yeah, I clean a lot. Though I guess I don't really mind it. A fellow "worker" at one of my jobs asked me one day as I folded clothes,
"So, what do you do for fun?"
Fun? Me? My mind drew a complete blank and I seriously couldn't think of a thing.
"Um... I clean a lot?"
Though I believe I did fix it some by stating I enjoy cooking and taking pictures though I don't do either of those as often as I would like. I guess I don't do much for "fun" stuff. Most of my weeks are the same day in and day out. Cleaning at Mollie's. Cleaning at home. Cleaning at office. Bank runs. Gas Station. Eating and sleeping. Sometimes an occasional twist to add a little bit of spice.

Awhile back I did my very first "newborn shoot" with Noelle. I didn't get many pictures as little girl was not to happy to be moved around but I got some and have them officially edited and put on a disc for Shanoah. Praying she likes them!

Mollie recently had her baby girl and is she a sweet thing! Baby Bridget has a full head of fluffy hair and soft cheeks. Mollie had Spencer just five months after I started going there. I was not yet completely comfortable with everyone. I never was able to hold him as a newborn.
As it is going on four years now since I started, I am much more at ease! Bridget and I shared a moment before I got to my usual work of cleaning and folding laundry!

So yes, I am still working for Mollie as well as cleaning the office each weekend. This week I also went and cleaned for Mollie's sister, Jodi. She too had a baby girl. I was nervous at first but went well and I actually enjoyed it as I had the house to myself!
Daminika took my 20th year pictures recently and I also got those edited and ready for printing. Do you know it's still so weird to write out "20"? Sometimes I have to double check and make sure that really is my age. Never thought that day would come.
I can't believe how much straighter my smile is!

I have a hard time being in front of the camera and feel much more at ease behind it!
My ortho work is slowly coming along and I am now really being able to see a difference. Especially in the photo's they take at the office! I had my last appointment on Tuesday and I am almost ready for another faze! The Dr. said my cross bite is now completely corrected on the top and just my right side needs a little tiny bit more pushing out. I am down to wearing my appliance only 15 hours a day and let me tell you, it's hard! After five months of it constantly being in my mouth I fear if I take it out my teeth will just go back to the way they were.
I take it out around 10:30-11:00 in the morning and leave it out until about 6:00 in the evening. The Dr. would like to see how my teeth set.
I've noticed I can chew much easier and no longer need to press my food to the roof of my mouth with my tongue in order to be able to swallow. I still can't open a candy wrapper but perhaps that will come in time!
Well, there is a little random update on my life! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Nothing wrong with being busily productive! ;) And it can be enough fun to just visit with family and friends . :) Cute pics!

  2. Yeah, its ok to be "cleaning toilets" as you say right now. Its a good life, helping others :) I am super excited for you to get your teeth fixed, and I am impressed with how well it is going!!:) I am pretty sure I am not old enough to have 20 year old daughter! :p Sometimes I still think I am :p Lovely pictures!!! :):) I enjoyed your update.

  3. Your smile is looking more beautiful than ever!

  4. The babies are adorable and yes, your smile is beautiful!

  5. Cute pictures! I guess I never noticed your teeth before.. You are a pretty young lady!

  6. You look lovely! Love the pictures!:)