Monday, January 25, 2016

"With God As My Witness..."

"... This vow I will make. To have and to
hold you, no other to take."
After one long, busy week, Kaysha and Roger took their vows to cherish one another for the rest of their lives. Sometimes it's hard to believe all this is for real. That I am not just having one long crazy dream.
The long days began the Sunday before the wedding. Many of the bridal party had flown in and we all gathered at Kaysha and Roger's duplex. We visited and laughed. Roger played guitar, and there was some singing. After awhile Kaysha and I got busy spray painting flowers (outside. In the rain I might add!) while the other girls set out all the center pieces so we could start putting them together. The guys were nice enough to do some hot gluing of vases and jars for us.

Monday I worked at Mollie's, teaching school and cleaning.

Tuesday I picked up Sharleen and Kaysha, and we spent the day in town. First stop was lunch at Mill Creek. It was relaxing and probably the only time we really had the chance to sit down and talk. We drove here and there, picking up needed things, then finally heading to my Grandpa's. We then began the printing of the wedding programs. It took hours. Much longer than we had thought! But,
we got 'er done!

Wednesday was the "last night out", though I would call it more "last day" for we spent the entire day together. We stopped at the mall and got all of our nails done. They (the nail salon people) couldn't believe how large our group was, that we were all related somehow or another, and how young Kaysha was. They found it quite amusing and laughed and took pictures the entire time.
Must have been quite the site as well when many of the guys showed up there!
There was 15 of us in all.

After staying the night down at the duplex, Marissa, Marita, and I were up early and headed to work. For breakfast we stopped at Burgerville and that was nice. We were the only people there and the coffee tasted delicious!
I worked that morning, but Mollie let me off early so I could head down to the church to help with decorating! I didn't get home until late that night.

Friday! Last minute decorating and rehearsal. Also another long and tiring day.
(Not to mention I have a horrible cold and sounded quite hoarse the entire week!)

Saturday. Wedding day. I was up by 6:00 showering and gathering all I would need for the day. My Daddy was sweet and made me breakfast before I left! It was the first home cooked meal I had ate in awhile!
After picking up Sharleen, Jayda, and Melissa, we went on to my Grandpa's to get ready for the day. My friends Nissa and Holly came and did mine, Jayda's and Marita's hair.
The rain stopped us from being able to take many pictures but as everyone says,

"they're married. That's all that matters."

Kaysha walked down the aisle at 4:00 Saturday evening and they said "I do".
It's been a rollercoaster of emotions for me, as I'm sure it has been for many!
Kaysha just glowed with joy walking back down that aisle clinging to her husband's arm and Roger didn't look any less happy!
For me, I was extremely happy for my friend, but am sad as well. Sad that our carefree days are truly gone. Kaysha is a married woman now. A wife. Though our relationship has changed since they met a year ago, it will once again change. I'm sad that we'll never again be those giggly young girls.
I've come to realize just how quickly time goes by. Blink and it will be ten years down the road. I can't help but fear that ten years from now I'll still be sitting here.

I've been quite worn from it all and was not able to work today due to catching another virus. Praying I feel better soon and can begin living again.

Well. It may be choppy but that's the summary of my week!
Here are some pictures from it all!

Guys doing some gluing
Girls setting up center pieces

Printing programs

Us 9 girls
I had taken pictures of the last night out but I just found out that they did not get
 downloaded onto the computer. And I already deleted them off my phone! I am quite bugged.
Sharleen steaming the tablecloths
Bridal Table

Melissa and Sharleen did an awesome job on the arbor!
I did the photo boards, with Marissa's help on Kaysha's.

Morning of the wedding!
My hair!


These girls!
Saying my goodbyes. *sniff*

"For rich or for poor, under skies gray or blue
Till my death I will stand by you"

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wedding Bells Ahead

Wedding bells are ahead! Not for me of course (though wouldn't that be cool?) but for dear Kaysha! I can't believe how quickly the time went by and in just 9 days, my friend will be walking down the aisle.
I am super nervous about having to walk down also. I am wearing a long dress and high heels (which I am not too sturdy in! I need to practice walking in them more) and am afraid I'll trip and embarrass myself for life. Praying all goes well and that I also won't be so nervous that I look like I want to eat someone's head off! *wink*

Last Sunday Marissa, Marita, and I went shopping at JoAnn's with Kaysha and bought the things for programs and flower making. I've been designing programs all week and think I have finally found (with my sisters help) the one I will be using.

Once shopping was done, we met at Kaysha and Roger's duplex and Kaysha showed us girls her wedding dress for the first time. It was so pretty and she looked so beautiful in it, I lost a lot of my nervousness and instead became excited for the day to come. She just glowed in that gown and I pray someday I can find the happiness those two have found. It's so refreshing to see them together and know that true love still does exist. I think it will be a very pretty wedding.

I have now been wearing my mouth appliance for 15 days. At first I was very sore and it seemed to make me tired, but about a week into it my mouth became adjusted and it doesn't bother me as much anymore. I turn it once every five days, and today I will be turning it once again.
At first, I feel more pressure. After a day the pressure goes away. People say it is changing my mouth but I personally haven't seen a difference. Rubbing my teeth does feel differently but I can't decide if its just because I am used to having metal run across them, or if they really have moved.
My next appointment is February 3rd and I am excited to see what Dr. Ravi has to say!

Well, there you have an update on my life!
Now for getting my hair trimmed, printing programs, last night out, helping with the decorating, rehearsal, and of course the busy wedding day of hair and pictures before the ceremony!
In between there I am still working up to 3 days a week. Slowly but surely life should slow down once again.
Have a blessed day!