Monday, December 28, 2015

Too Long

Cousin Clayton surprised the family and flew out from South Carolina for Christmas. It had been eight years since most of us had seen him. 
He and I were both eleven years old! 
Cousins Casey and Austin made it for the family Christmas, after missing several years. We were all together for the first time since we were very young! It was so nice and I went home that night feeling very happy and content. My family means the world to me! 
Me, Marissa, Marita, Casey, Austin, and Colten 
All of us (plus Clayton)
All us older cousins (and two Aunties) that made it to Christmas!
I believe all of our cheeks were sore from smiling for so long, but hey! I think it was worth it!
Someday I would love to get the entire family together. Now wouldn't that be special?


  1. Sad to have missed it. Thank you for posting pictures.

    1. Your welcome! We missed you guys! I have more pictures but this is all I have downloaded to the computer :)

  2. Aw, I wish we could have been there! So glad so many of the family got together, though!

  3. We all missed you, Kimberly! :) Would have been even better with you there :)

  4. It was a VERY special Christmas, wasn't it?! :)

  5. Was so awesome! I hadn't seen big Casey for way too long, too!