Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The First Gift

"The First Gift"
December 2014
Snowflakes are falling; stars are twinkling bright
The land sparkles gently in the moons soft light
Children laugh merrily as on their sleds they sail
Across the hills and through the valley their joy leaves a trail
It’s Christmas time again; family gathers round
In the stillness of the night, carols send their sound
Presents are wrapped beneath that great tree so green
A more beautiful tree no one has ever seen
Little ones sit round Grandpa’s knee, as he reads the story of old
The one read every year, though never too many times told
The story of that babe who was born far across the sea
A gift from the Lord above, given for you and for me
That precious child was born on the first Christmas day
Sweetly his Mother laid him upon his bed of hay
So remember why we have Christmas at this time every year
It’s a remembrance of that first gift we all hold so dear
- Felicity Stenersen