Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Time and My Life

Life has been a little on the crazy side for me! January is fast approaching and I am getting more and more anxious for the wedding. The thought of walking and standing in front of hundreds of people is enough to make me pull the covers over my head!
Oh, how many nightmares I've had of that day. For awhile it was every single night. Thankfully they have slowed down a bit!

It feels so good to have the Bridal Shower done and over with! And I think it went well?
Thanks to my sisters, aunts, and Shanoah! Just a few pics from the day:


Shanoah - matron of honor, Kaysha - bride, and I
Missing bridesmaids Sharleen, Jayda, and Melissa.
I have had my second appointment with my Orthopedics doctor. I am to be getting a mouth appliance as soon as they can get it ordered and made, and will begin wearing it on the roof of my mouth.
My speech will be affected so I am a little nervous to see how it goes.
Once the appliance stage is done, I'll be getting braces. Dr. Ravi does things differently (always for health reasons, not cosmetics) than other Ortho's and is able to cut the time of braces way down! For that I am thankful. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be getting braces. Sort of seems unreal.

The reason I am getting them for those who don't know, I have what they call an "open bite". My teeth do not touch in the front, leaving a gap when I smile. My back teeth get all the pressure of my jaw and by the time I reached my 30's I would crush them if I did not have it corrected. I'll be able to eat better (even be able to open a candy wrapper with my teeth! I thought it was "normal" when you couldn't do that), and Dr. Ravi says it'll improve my oxygen intake and help me feel more awake. I also grind my teeth in my sleep (my back teeth have been ground much farther down than my others) and correcting my jaw and the straightening of my teeth should correct that. If it really works. I just have a hard time believing it will! It will be so strange to not grind! I have for so many years, it has just become normal.

Yesterday I finally finished my Christmas shopping! I was getting quite anxious but finally accomplished it. The stores were crawling with people! How people live in cities and love it I'll never know.

We've been having an excessive amount of rain and flooding, yesterday being no different. Coming home was dark and rainy and very hard to see. Traffic was awful and at one point we were almost completely stopped due to the road disappearing under water. I was nervous to drive through it but followed the tail lights of cars ahead of me and we survived!

I am still working for Mollie and enjoying it. School has begun again so that takes up most of my time while there. Although, last week I went two days in a row so I could get the house cleaned.
It's hard to believe how much those kiddos are growing. Spencer just turned three and does not remember life before my coming. Mollie is now expecting a baby girl and I am excited to meet her! Aubrey is their last girl and was five when I began coming.
I love babies and especially hearing what their names are. I have this fascination with names. *wink*

Well there's my little "update". May you all have a blessed Christmas season!


  1. Nice to hear about your personal endeavors :-) I'm sure the wedding will very well!

  2. I'm sure everything will go well! Fun to read this! Miss you all so much!

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