Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Forgotten Town

I have always loved ghost towns, and the idea they would have a story to tell if only they could. We recently got a book from the library filled with pictures of some, and it got my imagination going.

 "The Forgotten Town"
As I wandered through the hills, behold what my eyes met
Upon the wind I heard a whisper “Please, don’t forget”
I once was tall and proud, my heart was filled with song
I stood great above the world, I was mighty and strong
My windows shone with light, my doors were open wide
Upon my floors feet were trod and laughter from inside
Now I sit still and quiet; my life has gone away
Upon the earth I stand alone, silently I stay
My curtains flutter in the wind, no one cares anymore
A doll lies upon her bed, a quilt upon the floor
Mama has left her dishes unwashed beside the sink
A world far from what you know, I hold a small link
Grandfather has left his glasses lying beside his chair
His Bible rests upon the stand with a forgotten prayer
My church bell no longer chimes to call my children in
I hold my secrets in my heart and my tales deep within
I can no longer speak to you, for my mouth has been stilled
My warmth has been taken away, I’m left empty and chilled
I once was filled with life, do you wonder who they were?
They’ve all gone away now, their stories never to remember


  1. Oh I wish I could write like you! :)

    1. Oh silly girl, you can! Hey, lets go back to Bodie! I miss it ;) and we weren't there near long enough!

  2. Beautiful! It actually almost made me cry :) I love old buildings too and wonder what they would say if they could :)

  3. Yes, I do wonder who they were ;-)

  4. love this! your words flow out beautifully... this type of poem could work on the history blog! ;)

    1. Thank you, hey never thought of that! :) ;)

  5. Oh, those ol'towns...they just give me the shivers...I'm always reminded of how our life is just a whisper and then we are like the ghost towns...forgotten, however we all leave our mark on the land.

  6. Sigh... Why can't I write like you? Ghost towns have always made me so sad... Kind of like lighthouses, left alone and unwanted when they used to be full of life. I still haven't been to either of them, so I say it's time for a road trip ;)