Friday, October 30, 2015

Oh! The Simple Life!

"Oh! The Simple Life!"

Have you ever smelt the air just before a rain?
Have you watched the leaves tumble down a country lane?
Have you ever tasted the sweetness of mountain air upon your lips?
Have you watched a hillside stream as it tumbles and trips?

Do you know the feeling of cool dirt in between your toes?
Do you know the joy of playing hide-and-seek down the corn rows?
Do you lay beneath the heavens and watch the silver stars fall?
Do you wonder at the majesty of a fir tree so tall?

Have you tasted the first honey-suckle ever so sweet?
Have you watched a kitten ramble gaily about your feet?
Have you walked through the earth, just kissed with the summer dew?
Have you felt the tender trust of a child’s eyes so true?

Oh! The simple life! How wonderful it can be!
For with all it’s peaceful ways my heart is light and free
I’d rather have my rolling hills; the beautiful blue sky
Than own the largest mansion with a tear drop on my eye
- Felicity Stenersen


  1. I Love this!!! :)

    P.S I commented as Daminika so that's why her comment is deleted :p

  2. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this! You have a way with words. You really should protect these poems. I hope someone doesn't steal them off here!

    1. Thank you.. :) I'm not sure how to do that?

  3. I wish I could write like you.... :P :)

  4. Yes, this is very nice :) Emily says that Linda told her that it's copyrighted as soon you as you write it?? She says you can add at the bottom that it's copyrighted and I guess it is =)