Monday, September 21, 2015

Silver Star, finally!

Well we did it! We finally made it to "my" beautiful Silver Star!
Though it ended up being a very hot day, I still enjoyed it immensely. Who couldn't love those views of rolling hills and great white mountains that tower above you? I think I could stay there forever; leaving the loud and worrisome world behind me. Breathing in clean air and soaking in the sunshine.

Maybe I did inherit something for that place from my ancestors? I love hearing stories of my Grandparents who walked those hills before me, and their great love for Silver Star.

Stopping for a rest

Marita and Kaysha
All the girls (missing Sue, my Mom, and Liberty)
The men!
Made it to the top!

Breathtaking views
Roger, Kaysha, and Charlie

Stopping for a drink at the water trough!

Until next time...


  1. That was a very blessed day! Being in the mountains always clear a persons mind :)

  2. So pretty! LOVE the mountains. I must have inherited a bit of that mountaineer blood too;-).

  3. Yes! VERY beautiful! Someday I'm going to the top myself!