Friday, September 25, 2015

Autumn is finally here!

The air is a little chillier; the sun a little dimmer. The wind wisps through the tree's causing its coloring leaves to flutter gently to the earth below.

Autumn is finally here!

Some love hot summers filled with swimming pools and trips to the beach. Other's prefer the rain of spring. For me, one of my favorite seasons is fall!
After a very long and hot summer, the new season is very welcome. I love when it's cold and crisp outside and your breath floats away in little clouds. I love jackets and boots. Hot cider and flickering candles. Crackling fires, fresh baked bread, and pumpkin goodies covering the counter.
Mm... nothing beats Autumn in my book.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from
the autumn tree.”
Emily Bronte 
What is your favorite season? 


  1. Autumn for me! LOVE everything about it... even the reain after a long, hot, dry summer! September is bittersweet now, with it being the month Grandma died, but there is even joy in that... it is the month she got to go to Heaven!!

  2. I don't know if I have a favorite season...I have learned to like fall. As a child I LOVED the cool summer mornings and spring was refreshing, but now I really appreciate falls cool weather, oftentimes still with bright sunshine, and we even get some fall color up here in the woods ;-)

  3. I love fall and winter! I think of them as kinda the same.. it just rains a little more in the winter than fall and you know me, I love rain! ;)

  4. I love Fall too! I really think I enjoy all seasons but Fall just may be my favorite:)

  5. I find it interesting how all you people with that Scandinavian/European/and whatever else blood think that the summer is long, hot and dry;)...we have such short summers in my book! Wow, I can always tell when people have that Finn blood coursing through their veins. They always complain about the heat;). I do LOVE fall, but for as me, I am so thankful if we happen to get an early start on summer as we did this year and always feel a little pang of disappointment to see summer come to an end. However, Autumn is truly beautiful!! LOVE it!

    1. Hmm... I never thought about it that way! Makes sense :)