Thursday, July 16, 2015

"A Picture in a Frame"

I thought it had been awhile since I posted one of my poems, so here it goes!
This one I wrote over two years ago. I am afraid I think it could be written better, but I will just post it how I wrote it when I was seventeen.

I wrote this poem with a sad heart.

One day, my little cousins were over and somehow we came across the topic of Grandma. They said they didn't know who I was talking about. When I pointed to the picture (below) sitting on a shelf, they just said, "Oh. Her. That's Grandma Nancy. She lives in heaven."

I realized they truly didn't know who she was. She is, and would always be,
 just a "picture in a frame", a "picture with a name".
It broke my heart and I could have cried. For to me, Grandma was real. She was a person. She loved me, and I knew it. She used to laugh and cry and give me tight hugs, covering my face in kisses. I ache for my cousins who will never know how wonderful their Grandma was, and what a special person she will always be to me.

 A Picture in a Frame
by Felicity Stenersen
April 23, 2013
You see that picture in a frame, which sits just over there?
The glass not so perfect, and the wood a little wear?
Some dust may have settled gently atop its stand
And to you it may not seem all that grand
But look at the picture in the frame; tell me what do you see?
A lady sitting silently, looking back at you and me?
Step a little closer and I'm sure if you try
You'll find a twinkle dancing merrily in her eye
She no longer lives on earth, for her Saviour called her away
But her memory will never leave, oh so much I could say!
That mouth loved to laugh with a clear loud sound
And the love in her heart was strong and abound
You see her arms just sitting there, quietly by her side
I see her warm hugs, arms held open wide
Her clothes are not fancy; her hair may have some gray
But she lived for Jesus and to Him she did pray
To you that lady may be just a picture in a frame
Someone people talk about; a picture with a name
But I see a person who once was full of life
Someone Jesus came and healed of their strife
To you that little frame may be a glance of your eye
But to me it's a keepsake of a life that's gone by
Forever I will remember that lady smiling at you and me
And I know someday in heaven, her I will see!


  1. I think I cry every time I read this poem...:) It is so true!

  2. Every time I read this I get a lump in my throat. Some day that is all we are to most; a name on a stone, a picture in a frame, sigh...but not to God. To God we are WE no matter where we are. :)

  3. love this! I pray that I will be more than just a picture in a frame someday to those who know and love me best. That's how I feel about Elijah... that he is just a name, a picture to others... but he is my BABY and always will be.