Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello, today is Spring!

"Hello, today is Spring"
 For a little walk I went and what do you suppose?
I found a little flower; from the ground she arose
Her head was small but lovely and fit for a King
Her tiny peddles seemed to say, “Hello, today is Spring!”

Above I heard a birdie dancing with all her pride
Happily she flitted about until me she spied
Her little head turned and her voice began to sing
She twirled and cried aloud, “Hello, today is Spring!”

The sun awoke the world from her long winter nap
A breeze flitted through the trees causing her branches to clap
Chirping, scampering and twittering in my ears did ring
Dancing with jubilee the world sang, “Hello, today is Spring!”
 - Felicity Stenersen