Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Gentle Voice

Back in October, I was going through a hard time.

I felt alone, sad, and depressed. No particular reason, we all have those moments!
One night I sat down at the computer, and decided I would write a poem. About what, I didn't know. Then, the words just started pouring out of my fingers as I typed. I felt like I was watching someone else write. It didn't feel like me.
Then when I came to the line "I have never left Thee", I heard Him. God said those words to me, and I truly believed them. After I was finished, I shook. I felt exhausted when the last line was written. Like everything in me had just been poured out.
I even thought, "What just happened?"
Still to this day, whenever I feel alone, I hear those words again and they give me peace.
I know God came to me that night, and said every one of these words to my heart.
It's simple, but it's the words God spoke to me when I needed them. And I pray maybe someone somewhere will find peace with these words as well.

"The Gentle Voice"
Sometimes the road of life feels too hard to walk
Curves and struggles seem to stare you down in mock
Nothing is going right; everything is going wrong
Your body is weary; you can’t continue to be strong
 Too many burdens to carry; too many thoughts to be thought
Another day to travel; another war to be fought
You know you can’t keep struggling on this long, hard road
You know you can no longer bear this heavy load
 But at the very moment you feel yourself give way and fall
A light brightens the darkness; a voice seems to call
He heard every cry; He heard every plea
Gently and softly He whispers “I have never left Thee”
 “I will bury your burdens; I will carry every trial
I will be by your side every step of every mile
Cling to My hand, I promise to never let go
I held every tear that slipped; I saw every woe”
 “Keep your eyes toward Heaven” the gentle voice said
“You will never have want; you will always be fed
For I heard every cry; I heard every plea
I was always there, I have never left Thee”

May you all have a blessed Sunday!


  1. This is a very special experience & one I'm sure God will use to encourage others.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes! Love it!