Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How's The World Treating You? // Update

My world has been going, going, going. I never knew there were so little hours in a single day. It seems I am just barely opening my eyes to the morn, when it's time to once again crawl back in.

How did you handle the time change this past Sunday? It wore me out! Sunday morning I slept a whole hour past my alarm.
My body thought it was the correct time, but the world didn't think so. I booked it out of that bed like my hair was on fire!
Despite that, we made it to church on time.
*pats self on back*
I'll be right beside you.
No matter where you travel.
I'll be there to cheer you 'till the sun comes shining through.
And if we're ever parted I will keep the tie that binds us,
and I'll never let it break 'cause I love you.
Johnny and June

I've been on a "Johnny and June" craze. Can you tell?

I have started another babysitting job that I will have until June. On Thursday I met the kids and Mama. Played with the kiddos for awhile and got them used to me.
Friday morning I babysat for the first time. As the kids are shy, I was nervous and not sure how they would react when they awoke after their nap to find me, not Mama. But, to my happy surprise, they did very well! No crying. No fighting.
They are the cutest things I have ever seen! A boy almost three, and girl almost two.
I am looking forward to a small amount of more income, and getting to know the little ones better.

Mollie's family took sick last week, so I did not end up working. But, I am back at it this week.
I have said it before, but I am so very thankful for Mollie having me come help her out. I enjoy it very much! It's so hard to believe its been four and a half years since I started going there.
I was just a young, round faced, sixteen year old girl. I am now nearing my twenty-first birthday.
Recently the girls dug out old Christmas cards and found photo's of me when I first started coming.

"Wow. You look so different."

It's amazing how much your appearance can change from sixteen. Of course, I also have had work done on my teeth which changed the structure of my face. So, I got a double dose of "changing"!

Speaking of teeth, I am now in the end stage of my work! My last appointment I was told I could have the braces off anytime in May-June. Just two-three more months! And I am done!
Friday I go back in to have the wires changed, and possibly the color of them too.
I am now used to the braces, and no longer cut my lips or cheeks, but still don't feel very attractive. I look in the mirror and see some strange nerdy girl.
I am nervous but excited to see the end results of all this work!

Life for me has been scary, but exciting, recently with many different changes coming my way. Every day is a new adventure and filled with questions.
 "What will happen today?"
A year ago I was another person. Full of discontentment and frustration.
Today I am the happiest I have ever been.
Though those days were hard, I thank God daily for them.
For, if I had not lived through those days, I would not be where I am today.
How's the world treating you?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Songs, Movies, and Books Tag

I was tagged by LaKaysha at Calico and Lace for "The Songs, Movies, and Books Tag". This is a lot harder than you think people!

1 // A Song That Describes You In Some Way
The words to this song express so much of me. How I was living my life. The struggles I was having and the revelation I came to that God does know best. He knows "better than I". His way is perfect. I must simply give up. To stop living for myself and trust that my pathway is already paved.
You Know Better Than I - from the movie Joseph King of Dreams

2 // A Movie That Inspires You
Temple Grandin
3 // A Book That The Main Character Is Like You
The only book I have ever read that I thought "wow. That's like me!" was The Magnolia Story.
It isn't a fictional book, but Joanna Gaines reminded me so much of myself.
Her love for babies. Her obsession with cleaning. Her love for decorating and organizing.
The fact that she is shy, and never wanted to bend the rules as a teen. Someone who liked to live on the "safe side" of life.
Most books I read, like my sister stated, are guys. Ones about girls annoy me beyond anything.
The Magnolia Story - Chip and Joanna Gaines

4 // A Song That You Love
 Who can pick just one?!
Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy
Why Didn't I Think of That by Doug Stone
The River by Garth Brooks
5 // A Movie That You Love
Really, guys? I talk way, way, way too much about "The Shadow Riders".
I suppose I'll pick another movie. This one is a childhood one that has a special place in my heart:
Sarah, Plain and Tall

6 // A Book You Love
I'm going to not name a Louis L'Amour this time.

Beyond the Quiet Hills (The Spirit of Appalachia book 2)
Gilbert Morris and Aaron McCarver
I'm not a huge fan of the style this is written in. They tend to describe the clothing far too much for my liking. And the girls (except one) are... annoying. But! I enjoy this book just the same.
Rilla of Ingleside - L. M. Montgomery
7 // A Song You Do Not Like
This song is just stupid.

Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks

8 // A Movie You Do Not Like
I read the "Love Comes Softly" series when I was around twelve. I loved them! I was so excited when they began making movies. Imagine my disappointment when they ruined them. The first four movies are "okay" and I can look past the "wrong" story line. But after that? Ick. This one is the worst. How could you kill Willie?!
Love's Unending Legacy 

9 // A Book You Do Not Like
I have read the entire series about the town of Blessing. In fact, it is completed in four (or is it five?)separate series! That's a lot of reading.
Though sometimes the characters can just simply annoy me, I became attached to them and enjoyed watching them grow from babies to having babies of their own.
This series has three books in it, and though I just "had" to read them, I didn't actually "enjoy" this part of the series.
The main character, the daughter of the original character, leaves to become a doctor. I don't like how she is so strongly for "women's rights". For stating so boldly she can live and work in a mans world. Without a mans help. She's arrogant, stuck up, and rude.
And, to top it off, she marries who I say was "the wrong person"!
I wouldn't say I "hated" this book. But it is certainly one I did not "like". Along with the other two books.
A Measure of Mercy - Lauraine Snelling  

10 // A Song That Makes You Happy

Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis
That'd Be Alright - Alan Jackson
Chains - Patty Loveless
This song is just super catchy. *shrugs**blush* I annoy my sisters so much by playing it every night!
11 // A Movie That Freaked You Out
Maybe this is cheesy, but when I was young I was terrified of:

The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina
It was just so creepy with its weird graphics and freaky bugs. And the fact that Thumbelina was taller than Tom Thumb. Come on people, that's dumb.
I DID watch it dozens of times, but always felt like someone was creeping up from behind me as I did.
12 // A Book That Made You Cry
If you know me, you know I'm not a crier. I wracked my brain for something that made me actually shed tears and it took awhile. I think this book I came pretty close to it!
The story of the Romanov family just breaks my heart.

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport

13 // A Song You Listened To A Lot When You Were Younger
Probably around the age of fourteen, I found an old tape of my parents that I absolutely fell in love with. I played it on repeat every day, all day long. It was the album:

Heartsongs - Dolly Parton
I loved it for the old traditional mountain songs she sang! One song was:

I also grew up listening to:
Drive - Alan Jackson
And how can I forget my childhood "favorite singer" and "favorite song"?
Coal Miners Daughter - Loretta Lynn

14 // A Movie You Watched A Lot When You Were Younger
I watched a lot of movies when I was younger *wink* But I guess my "regulars" would have to be:
Davy Crockett
Winnie the Pooh
Swiss Family Robinson
The Many Adventures of the Wilderness Family  

15 // A Book You Read A Lot When You Were Younger
I received the first five books on my eighth (I think) birthday and fell completely in love with these books:
The Boxcar Children series

16 // A Song That Irritates You
Goodness, hands down that would be:

Swingin' - John Anderson

I apologize to any John Anderson fans! Just my own personal opinion.

17 // A Movie That Kept You On The Edge Of Your Seat
*Phew* This movie was intense.
Erased (2013)
18 // A Book That Left You Breathless
*Scratches head* A book that left me breathless? Hm. That's a hard one. *More scratching*
I suppose I could say:
The Jefferson Lies by David Barton
It was an exciting read! One that left me saying "Wow". I was surprised to discover that the "lies" we've always been told have no grounds to stand on.
This was fun!
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